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5 Fresh Bath Decor Ideas

Fresh bath decor ideas may be found by being aware of all that is around us in neighboring homes, in homes on display during an open house, in magazines, and on TV for just a few examples.

Following are some suggestions for a fresh look in bath decor:


American Standard Pedestal Sink

   1. Paint. For the amount of space that gets updated with a fresh paint job, and the small dollars spent, this can give a lot of 'bang for the buck' in terms of bathroom decor.

Change the color. If you are updating and creating a fresh look, why go back to what you already have? Try something new!

Use a different application to get a special effect. Look in your home improvement store, and you will find booklets that describe how to get interesting effects by rag rolling, adding glazes to the paint, and even scraping over fresh paint with corrugated cardboard to get an interesting design. If a small budget is important to you, get max benefits for small investment with paint.

   2. Install an above counter sink instead of the standard basin. This paired with the appropriate faucet is guaranteed to give you a modern look in your bath.

   3. Or, install two pedestal sinks in place of the standard two-basin vanity. To add surface space and storage, position a cabinet between the two pedestals. This could be either a new cabinet, or better yet, refurbish a cabinet that is a thrift store find, one from a garage sale, or possibly something you already have around but aren't putting to good use.

If you prefer drawers rather than under-cabinet storage, then select a piece that is all drawers, and affords space on top for toiletries and grooming supplies. This combination of pedestal with storage cabinet between will give your bath a unique style.

   4. Bathroom light is an important feature in bath decor, and necessary both for general lighting and task lighting. Recessed lights work well in a bath for overhead general bathroom light, but in the vanity area you want something more focused as well as more decorative.

Bathroom light in the vanity area should be task oriented, and give the best light for applying make-up, shaving etc. This is best placed at face level. Consider whether you prefer wall sconces, or maybe want to be a little more inventive with pendant lights. Do keep in mind if you select pendant lights, that they should hang from the ceiling near the wall so that you don't accidentally bang into them when moving around.

Bath lights can be found for modest prices if you do a good job of comparison shopping. Be aware of bathroom light fixtures they may be closing out at reduced prices. These are not second grade, they are simply moving on to something different to feature.

   5. Consider your medicine cabinet. If you have one that is very dated, installing a new one can have a large impact. You'll find a wide range of medicine cabinets with or without frames to suit your style and preference.

A bath is usually a fairly small space, and just taking one or two of these bath decor ideas, and using them as presented or expanding on them and giving them your own twist can make a fresh improvement in your bath.


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