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A New Bathroom Countertop For Fresh Bath Appeal

Myra Neuford

a selection among the array of possible choices that are available.

Deciding on what type of bathroom countertop to install may take some time and thought with all the many choices available.

Your selection of a bathroom countertop will be impacted by your usage needs, how much you are willing to spend, the age of those who most often use the bath, and of course your own personal taste and style of decor.

A new countertop can be installed in just one short day, unless you select tile which will take a more time due to the steps needed for a properly finished project.

Ceramic tile is very durable, and considering that this is a small project in terms of material needed, it can also be very inexpensive especially if you watch for special sales that are often available when a line of tile is being closed out. Buying at a good price and installing the tile yourself will make for a very cost effective improvement to your bath.

When installing tile for any home project always buy a few more than you think you will need, to set aside in case some are broken or chipped during installation, or cracked during later use. Though tile wears well, tile may be broken when something heavy gets dropped. 

Among the more popular choices of bathroom countertops today are the solid surface materials. These include corian, granite, and natural marble, as well as many others. Solid surface products will require more of a money investment, but if your budget will allow, they are definitely worth it. Use care in how you clean them. Each has it's own requirements. Cleaning is simple, but manufacturer suggestions should be followed with care to ensure long wear and good looks.

Examine the warranty requirements when you consider a purchase. Solid surface materials usually require professional installation.

If you most desire a granite countertop, but your budget is too limited, a granite tile countertop may be a good solution. Granite tiles are an easier self-install, and the price tag will be much reduced.

A budget-saving solution to a new bathroom countertop is choosing a man-made material in one of the standard sizes available at most large home improvement centers. Laminate bathroom countertops and synthetic marble in many different patterns and color options are available in various standard sizes, and some will have an integrated sink. Backspashes that coordinated may be sold separately or included depending on the material or offering.

When you have chosen and purchased your countertop it is time to shut off the water and get started.

Usually countertops are secured underneath with screws. Remove screws and carefully remove old countertop without damaging the base cabinet. The existing backsplash may have been secured to wall with caulking. Remove slowly to reduce damage to drywall. If your new backsplash does not cover entire area, some small touch-up may be needed.

Position your new countertop checking to see that it is level from the front to back and also from side to side. You may or may not need to cut an opening for the sink, depending on the application.

Hopefully, if you have gone this far, you have also decided to update your faucet as well to add just that much more sparkle to your new addition. Reconnect your plumbing. A quick review of what you have accomplished should reveal just what an improvement this new bathroom countertop has made in your existing bathroom


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