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A New Mindset for Bathroom Decor

Are you finding that you are tired of your bathroom decor and you want something different?
Think Differently About Bath Decor.

One of the problems with bathroom decor, is that we get locked into the idea that it is a bathroom. Think differently. So you are tired of the way it looks and need a little change. Get into a diffent mind frame.

It is just a room in your home. Look around at what you have to start with if you remove all the decor items. Well, let me back up. Remove them.

Now you have a basic room. What do you have left to work with? Probably your bathroom has some very basic colors. White comes to mind. Most likely your bathroom is mostly white, or maybe you have bisque fixtures. Very basic. The wall color can be anything with just a simple coat of paint.

What you are left to consider is what color your cabinetry, fixtures, and flooring are. Those are the elements that are not easy to change. Begin there, and think about what colors you are comfortable with and that make you feel good.

Just decorate your bathroom as any room in your house for a change without thinking of the function except where practical.

Put a fresh coat of paint on the walls in a color that blends well with what is there, and that makes you feel good. With that done, begin to decorate as you would in any other room of the house.

Find decor items that are pleasing, work well with the color scheme and fit the scale of the room. Think beyond fish, shells and lighthouses. Let your imagination fly and create a room that is pleasing to you with a fresh new look.

Look in the nooks and crannies around your home for decor items that are not currently in service. So what if they were once in a living room or bedroom. If they create a pleasing atmosphere it doesn't matter.

Be creative, and live a little. You spend much of your life in a bathroom bathing, grooming and attending to your needs. Make it a more enjoyable experience.


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