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A Vintage Vanity Will Add a Warm and Inviting Look

Vintage furnishings are claiming a special place in the hearts of many people. converting a vintage piece of furniture that may have been handed down to you, into a bathroom vanity could set the tone for your bathroom.

The vanity is usually the most visible item, and often the only piece of furniture in a bathroom. Having a distinctive piece of antique furniture converted into a vintage vanity will definitely set your bathroom apart and become the focal piece for the remaining decor.

For those who haven't been fortunate enough to fall heir to one of these wonderful pieces, don't despair. There are many available either as replicas manufactured for this purpose, or as actual vintage pieces that have been converted.

If a vintage vanity is your heart's desire, there are some other things to think about and factor into your remodeling plan.

What type of cabinetry do you have in your bathroom, and will it be a fit with your vanity? If new cabinetry was already on your list of improvements, then this will be a small issue.  

You will also want to do some comparison shopping when it comes to your faucet. You will want to select just the right faucet to carry off the overall vintage theme. This is both hard and easy. It is hard, because there are so many lovely bathroom faucet units available today that will be appropriate for your needs making it hard to decide, but easy because there is wide availability.

The top surface of your vintage vanity may be simple if you are purchasing a replica model that already includes the top. If not, or if you are having your own vintage piece retro-fitted then you will want to give the top some thought. A marble or natural stone top will be the most suitable for a piece representing this era.

And, if you have gone this far with the vintage theme, it is only natural to complete the look with the beautiful and graceful lines of a claw foot tub.


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