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Bathroom Basins-Today's Superb Choices Seem Endless

Bathroom basins come in many forms on today's market, giving the homeowner many Superb choices to select from. Not only does the bathroom basin come in different forms or types of application, but the materials from which they are made can vary greatly. 

The type of bathroom sink you install will depend on your personal taste, but may also be determined by the bath space in your home, and what is the best installation. A number of things can factor into your choice, such as how extensive a remodel you may be doing, the space or counter top that will be receiving it, or whether you are going to be installing within a counter top at all. 

Traditional bathroom basins

Bathroom sinks that are mounted in the vanity are often self-rimming, where the sink sits flat with the counter top and has a metal rim that keeps it intact, and finishes the look.

The undermount bathroom basin is installed from below, and requires a counter top that will withstand water. It is not as easy an installation as the self-rimming basin.

Drop-in basins are usually made of porcelain and have a lip that overlaps onto the counter top. This is an easy installation, but not quite as sleek a look.

More modern choices in a bathroom lavatory

Bathroom basins which are integrated into the counter top, making counter top and sink one seamless piece are a very desirable solution for a busy family. This is a very easy style in terms of clean up since there are no crevices at all and therefore there is nowhere for dirt to collect. These integrated units can be from less expensive man-made materials, or they can be on the high end when they are composed of materials such as Corian and other similar solid-surface products under different brand names.

These pre-formed counter top and sinks units are available at the big box home improvement centers in modestly priced materials. The higher end materials such as Corian are usually a special custom order, and there will be a price tag to match. Of course, they are of higher quality and will give long service.

Another more recent entry in the selection of bathroom sinks is the above counter sink. These offer great diversity in color, material and style. This bathroom basin is usually mounted entirely atop the counter, although sometimes a portion is embedded below the counter. An above counter or vessel sink may be made of glass, natural stone, or a variety of metals.

Above counter sinks also come in diverse colors and designs. Design may either be embedded, or painted on. And shaping is unique as well. You will find everything from a large river rock, to an artsy indescribable shape, to geometric shapes and more. For a very individual look in a bath, this and a unique selection in faucet can afford a bath a completely distinctive appearance.

And lastly let's not forget the pedestal sink, which by no means is a new style, but the resurgence of interest in Vintage baths has made these bathroom sinks a very popular item again. They are available in a wide selection of traditional Victorian styling.

But there are new entries even in this category of bathroom lavatory. Designers have created many new looks in pedestal sinks. For a powder room a romantic pedestal sink can be found that features a wrought iron stand paired with an attractive stone vessel. Or if a more modern flair is what you seek there are many new pedestals with angular sleek bases made of stone that give a very clean minimalistic and modern feel to a bath.

Today the selection of bathroom basins is almost endless, limited only by your preference, your budget and your space.


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