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Bathroom Light Fixture-4 Light

Providing adequate lighting for a bath is essential. The type of light reflected is important to the atmosphere and feel of your bath. And the finish and decorative aspects of the fixture you select should complement your overall decorative style.


Bathgate Pewter 4-Light Sconce 2604-17 World Imports
Frosted glass shades. 33"W x 8"H. 9"

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Bathgate Pewter 4-light Sconce 2604-17 World Imports







World Imports 2604-56 Bathgate 4 Light Bath Light, Weathered Copper

Weathered Copper fixture is 7"H x 7.5"D x 33.88"W.

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World Imports 2604-56-Bathgate 4 light Bath Light, Weathered Copper








World Imports 8029-08 Bath 4 Light Bath Bar, Chrome
White Art Glass shades on a simple bar

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World Imports 8029-08 Bath 4 Light Bath Bar

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