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Bathroom Lighting For Function and Pleasure

Adequate lighting is a must, and if you are remodeling your bathroom, get the most out of it by installing the best lighting for your needs and pleasure.

Bath lighting needs will depend on the size and function of your bathroom



Vanity Lighting

The vanity is a standard fixture in bathrooms whether they are large or small. Lighting for the vanity is important, and unfortunately even some new homes have inadequate vanity lighting.

The vanity area is special because it is used on a daily basis for grooming. The trend over the last several years has been bar lighting above the vanity mirror or medicine chest. While many bar lighting fixtures are very attractive and often match or compliment the mirror or medicine chest, they are not the best bathroom lighting.

Since the vanity is used for grooming and applying makeup, good lighting is essential. The best vanity lighting in a bathroom is the installation of two fixtures on opposite sides of the vanity mirror at face level. This may call for some compromise depending on the heights of the members of your household.

Lighting in the vanity area installed in this way will give better light, and avoid shadowing, making the proper application of makeup much easier.

Bath lighting zones

If you are fortunate enough to have a large bathroom you may have several areas to consider for lighting.

General all purpose lighting may be needed for quick in and out trips to the bathroom. This should be good enough light so you can see adequately and be sure the medication you are taking is yours.

Another consideration is subdued lighting for the bath area. After a day at work a long soak in the tub can be very pleasurable. Just imagine lounging in the warm water, the lights down low, and a quiet time all your own.

Lighting in the bath area will need some special consideration. Check your local codes. Special lighting is required for a wet area such as the bath and safety should be your first concern.

There are scores of beautiful bathroom light fixtures available today in every style and many different finishes. Consider the size, and the different areas of your bathroom, and any special needs as well as your local codes before you begin shopping for bathroom lighting.

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