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Bathroom Lighting Options


1-Light Bath Sconce

As a homeowner you are aware of how important it is to have the perfect bathroom lighting fixtures in your home. Choosing the right fixtures allows you to completely transform the look of a bathroom and helps you to pull the whole design together. There are an abundance of different types of lighting that you can choose from but below is a list of the most popular types.

1. Bar Light

With the majority of new homes, you acquire a bar light. The bar light includes a number of bulbs that are mounted onto a metal bar that then attaches to the wall above the sink. There are a variety of different styles of bar lights available which is what makes them one of the more popular types of bath lighting fixtures. Bar lights are versatile as the lights are either upwards or downwards facing lamp shades. This will determine whether the light is to hit the ceiling or the mirror.

Builders of new homes usually install these lights because they are easy, and possibly less costly. The downside is that these are not the best option for lighting the grooming area where makeup is applied.

   2. Sconces

As for contemporary bath lighting fixtures, sconces have become increasingly popular over the years. The main reason as to why sconces are so popular is because you can fix them to the wall anywhere you please and they only hold one lightbulb. There are an extremely large amount of sconces to choose from which is what helps to make this particular type of bathroom lighting extremely versatile.

The other advantage to sconces is that they can be placed at the appropriate height to cast light where needed when applying makeup. This reduces shadowing and makes applying makeup more manageable.

   3. Recessed Lighting

Considering that a bathroom has an immense amount of moisture within it, it would be unwise to fix a large fixture in the center of the room such as a crystal chandelier. Recessed lighting involves simple lamps that are flush to the ceiling so that any parts of the lamp do not collect condensation or dust.

Recessed lighting is more general lighting in a bath for those quick in and out trips, or a good option when you are bathing and don't require more focused task lighting.

   4. Pendant Lighting

Pendants are becoming another popular choice for vanity lighting, and can be very attractive and up-to-date. Care needs to be taken in the planning and installation process to be sure that the pendants don't conflict with other functions. For instance the swing of a medicine cabinet door, or the possibility of walking into them accidently.

Choosing the perfect bathroom lighting for your home can be a challenging venture but with the diverse amount of bathroom lighting fixtures available, the decision should become immensely simpler. Many attractive fixtures are available today in any decor style you desire, and in a wide selection of finishes.

Determining which would be the perfect choice for your bath is what helps bring the entire design of a bathroom together.


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