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Bathroom Remodeling Cost

Bathroom  remodeling cost will differ depending on how extensive, and other variables

Average estimates for  bathroom remodeling cost on a do-it-yourself basis runs between $5,000 and $12,000.  If you are contracting the whole bathroom remodel out, estimates run between $10,000 to $20,000. And more depending on choices in fixtures and materials, as well as the size of the bath. 

These are only estimates, because each job is different, what you consider should be done in a remodel will be different than your neighbor etc. Each remodel has it's own personality depending on the needs, wants and expectations of the homeowner involved. Bathroom remodeling cost  can also vary because of the fixtures, amenities and other materials chosen.

Locale is another thing that creates a variance. Prices of material may vary some from one place to another, and labor cost will also vary. Most do-it yourself projects will have some aspects which are better done by a professional, and this needs to be factored in.

  • Is it a full bathroom remodel, or are you only making minor changes? For instance, maybe your bathroom fixtures are all good except the vanity and sink. Or maybe you need a new medicine cabinet, a fresh paint job and the floor replaced.
  • Are you going to do most of the bathroom remodeling yourself?
  • Which elements of the remodel require the hiring of a professional? 

These questions and other will need answers. Read on.

Deciding which fixtures, cabinetry and amenities you want will help you determine bathroom remodeling cost

So let's start with the floor. If you choose a tile  floor which is wonderful for a bathroom, the first variance would be in the tile you select. They come in a wide range of prices just for the material. If you have the skill, you can install it yourself. If not, the price of installation can be somewhat costly. 

You could opt for a vinyl bathroom floor in either a wood look, or a tile look. Some of them are pretty realistic. My neighbor recently put a new floor in her family room. I swore it was real tile until I actually got down on my hands and knees and felt it. I have also seen vinyl that looks very much like the old oiled hardwood in my childhood hometown post office, if a person likes a vintage look.

What type of cabinetry you want can also have a monetary impact on bathroom remodeling costs. Do you want antique bathroom vanity furniture or something more contemporary? Countertops of man made materials, or perhaps granite or marble.

The color of your porcelain fixtures can affect the cost. Single tub, or two person tub. Shower/tub combination or two separate units.

Then there are many extras these days. Multiple shower heads, shower heads with multiple settings, towel warmers, floor warmers for tile floors, steam showers, jets in the bathtub, the list just goes on and on.

Lighting is a big consideration. Good lighting in a bathroom is essential. You want it to be attractive, but you also want it to be adequate and not create shadow. Is your wiring adequate, or does it need updating?

And then there are mirrors, medicine cabinets, and accessories like towel bars, not to mention the decorative accessories such as plants, toweling, pictures, shower curtains, rugs and window coverings.

Last, but not least, ventilation. This is a very important consideration, and one not to be forgotten when remodeling a bathroom, though it may not be very interesting. Good ventilation can save a lot of grief down the road.

All these factors are what make estimates of bathroom remodeling cost so challenging. Each bathroom remodel is different. A bathroom is a very personal space where we spend a lot of your time. Your bathroom should be pleasant, easy to keep clean, fulfill your family's specific needs, and have at least some of the amenities you would use and enjoy.

Some of the remodeling choices you make will depend on who uses the bathroom. If you have young children that is something to factor in. Also if it is a bathroom that is used by guests and visitors, that will have some bearing on what you choose to do.

You alone know what your budget will afford and what choices you will make. Do you have savings to cover the cost of remodeling your bathroom, or will you borrow? These are things you will need to think about along with the choices you make. Sometimes different choices and small concessions can greatly decrease bathroom remodeling cost. And, of course, if you can do at least some of the remodeling tasks yourself that will drop bathroom remodeling costs substantially.

The best way to determine the cost of your bath remodel is to begin to plan, decide what you need and want. Make a list, do some comparison shopping. Keep your notes of where, what and how much in a folder where it is easily found. Then use this information to create a budget based on the figures you come up with. Remember to price and factor in labor where you will need to hire professional help.

Add to this a minimum 10% for the unexpected. Anyone who has been involved in any type of remodel knows there are always some surprises. Be prepared for them.

Find more information that may help you get a plan underway.



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