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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Your  remodeling ideas should start with a rough plan. Making a list of what displeases you, and that you want to change is a good place to start. List the amenities you want to add.

Begin collecting visuals from magazines or brochures that display the effect you would like to implement.  Then make a rough draft on graph paper. That will help you get an idea of the dimensions. Draw out your bathroom floor plan. Take exact measurements. Even if you move on to a more precise bathroom remodeling design, planning these basics will give you a starting place.

If your bath design  includes simply replacing the fixtures and cabinetry in your existing bathroom and staying with the same dimensions and placement your  remodeling design should be fairly simple.

However, if your bathroom remodeling ideas include changing the sizes of units such as vanity, bathtub, shower, etc., or changing placement then you will need a more exacting plan. 

Or if you are enlarging your bath area then you will need to re-plan and measure accurately to make sure everything you want will fit. You may find that you need to re-arrange things in the space you have to make it more useable. It' s much like moving the living room furniture.  Sometimes different placement works better even though you have the same items in the same amount of space. Moving something may make the whole plan just work better and the space more convenient and functional.

There is software that will help you draw out your bathroom remodeling ideas and be very accurate. This can be helpful if you are doing your bathroom remodel as a do it yourself project. You can print your plan and take it with you as you shop.

If you are using a contractor, this can help you communicate exactly any ideas you have for changes,  so when your project is done, it reflects just what you expected and planned.

As with any remodeling project take time to think how the members of your household use your bathroom. Start there and then think about what would make it better for your household and factor this into your bathroom remodeling ideas. Always measure everything twice. 

Start by making a plan for the floor, then move on and make plans for the walls as needed. Plans for the walls may be necessary to get all your bathroom remodeling ideas worked out. What do you currently have that occupies wall space, and what will you add that will change that? Or, if you are planning to move things how will it work in your space?

Making a plan for each wall usually is needed. Consider window and door placement and how that will affect the ideas you have for remodeling your bath. If all the cabinetry and things affixed to  walls now are going to stay you may be okay. If you are adding things, then you need a plan.

And remember the small things. If you have children in the household, can they reach things? Even considering such things as placement of towel bars is important.

Here is an example of what I mean. My cousin built a beautiful little vacation chalet. The bathroom was especially nice. However, every time I used the bathroom and opened the door to leave, as my arm came back while opening the door I would jam my elbow into the towel bar. Ouch! Just a small thing I admit, but I'm sure all their guests had the same experience.

Consider how elements of your bathroom remodeling ideas  will relate to other elements in the room and avoid problems. Alway consider the swing of doors large and small-the door of a medicine cabinet, storage cabinet, shower, or entry. How well do they work in relation to their surroundings?

A bathroom remodel is a relatively expensive home improvement, but a good investment. You're not likely to make major changes again for a long time, so be careful to get your measurements right, get them on paper and carefully plan out your  remodeling ideas.


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