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Bathroom Remodeling Plan

A good bathroom remodeling plan requires some careful thought

When the first idea of remodeling a bathroom takes root in your thoughts, start forming your bathroom remodeling plan. Make some notes  on how you would change your bathroom. Obviously, if you are thinking about remodeling, there are things about your bathroom that don't please you. The bathroom remodeling checklist can help you pinpoint what to look for.

Assemble a portfolio. Look through magazines, surf the internet and gather ideas and pictures of examples that you find pleasing. Gather brochures about materials and fixtures, and keep all the bathroom remodeling ideas  you acquire together to help you build a plan.

What bathroom is it that you want to remodel? There are main bathrooms, bathrooms that adjoin a mudroom, powder rooms, and master baths. Each has different needs, and different uses. Considering how this particular bathroom will be used, and who will be using it as an important part of your plan.

My friend Carole, always has a very nice bathroom wherever she lives (she moves often). She has a knack for decorating and always adds some unique touches. While I always admire what she has done to her latest bath, and find them very attractive, they would not work for me. Carole is a minimalist, and can live with a minimum of things. There is very little storage or surface space in her bathrooms. I, on the other hand am a person who needs stuff. I need all the countertop and storage space I can work in.

I bored you with that little story to bring up the point that everyone is different, and has a different way of living, and their own specific needs. Take this into consideration as you plan your bathroom remodel. As you gather pictures and ideas for your portfolio, consider each one and how it would work for you. After remodeling, don't end up with a beautiful bathroom that just will not work for your needs or your lifestyle.

A bathroom adjoining a mudroom would probably have less refinements, and just provide a basin, toilet and shower. If someone in the household has employment that leaves them very dirty at the end of the day, this would be a place to get presentable enough to enter the rest of the house.

Plan remodeling your bathroom around it's specific uses

A powder room might be a place to add some extra frills but less fixtures if it is used mainly for guests.

A main bathroom may have to serve the needs of family members and guests and be equipped fully and for a variety of grooming, bathing and bathroom functions. Children have special needs when they are small because of height and reach.

Then, there's the master bath. A master bathroom is where, during remodeling, you might want to plan for some extra luxury and make it both a functional room and a luxurious private retreat. A whirlpool tub will add luxury and relaxation.

We are fortunate to be living in a time long past when bathrooms were moved indoors. The bathrooms of today can be planned for easy maintenance with all the wonderful fixtures, gadgets and materials that are now available on the market . And we don't have to suffer that cold trip outside in the winter. 

Whether you plan on remodeling your bathroom yourself, or will hire it done, do some planning based on your needs, wants, and lifestyle,  and have a clear picture of what you want. This is your personal space for years to come, so plan well for your bathroom remodeling project

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