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Bathroom Remodeling on The Cheap

If you are thinking of  A bathroom remodel, but find that your finances don't allow major changes at this time, then lesser changes will give you a quick and stunning change for a minimum of money.

Do a partial bathroom remodeling uplift by replacing the bathroom flooring. Since the flooring occupies so much space in this smaller room, replacing it can make a dramatic change.

If you are planning to do a more extensive remodel later on, choose a floor that will fit into your future plans.

Vinyl Floors

Vinyl floors are a good choice for a bath. A vinyl floor is easy to clean, easy on the feet, and comes in many price ranges, patterns and colors. And it holds up well in moist areas.

Tile Floors

Tile floors don't have to cost an arm and a leg if you do some careful shopping, and install the tile yourself. And tile gives a luxurious look to any room. Even when you select a tile that is a little more pricey, it is a good value because it holds up well to wear and will give you good service and look attractive for many years.

The tile laying process is a little hard on the knees, so get a good set of knee pads. The process itself is a bit of work, but not that difficult if you get good instructions, plan your project, and assemble all of your supplies and tools before you begin. Most home improvement centers offer brochures that outline the steps.

Do recognize that your bathroom will be out of service for two or three days while the various steps are curing and before you go on to the next, so make other arrangements.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Before you begin laying your new bathroom flooring, give your bath a fresh coat of paint in a new shade or color for a more extensive change. Primer first so that you get good even looking coverage. The extra cost of primer is worth it. Use a good enamel in either a medium or low gloss depending on your preference.

Now you have changed the two largest surfaces in your bathroom with the paint and bathroom flooring, making a dynamic change, and without breaking the bank.

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