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Bathroom Remodeling on a Budget

When you first begin thinking about bathroom remodeling it is important to think about the cost and how to best use your bathroom remodeling budget. You may use savings or you may need to borrow. For most of us, making the best use of every dollar in our budget is important.

You may be considering a bathroom remodel for any number of reasons. Maybe your bath is drastically outdated, some fixtures may no longer be functional, or your bathroom may be either too small or poorly arranged. How many of the items on the bathroom remodeling checklist apply to your situation?


Stretch your bathroom remodeling budget

But, before you get too far into the process of planning and implementing a bathroom remodeling project, maybe you should go to your bathroom doorway, squint your eyes and have another look around.

What I actually mean is, look at your bath with new eyes. Sometimes when we are dissatisfied with something we tend to want to throw everything out and start fresh. Rethinking how to approach your remodel may serve to reduce your bathroom remodeling cost. Bathroom remodeling on a budget requires that each buck needs to be well spent, and only where needed.

What could be salvaged or refurbished?

Let's talk about the bathtub. If you have a bathtub or a tub/shower combination and you are considering replacing it, think about why. If the bathtub is not turquoise, avocado or some unacceptable color, and it is in good condition why not keep it? Think instead of resurfacing the walls above the tub and adding new shower doors. Suddenly your bathtub could look like new again. 

What about the cabinets? If the base to your vanity is looking a little doggy and worn, both it and any other cabinetry in your bathroom might be reclaimed by sanding it all down and refurbishing the finish either in the same finish or by staining with one of the many colored stains that are now available and giving it a new lease on life. You could complete the newly refurbished look with new hardware and a new vanity top. Vanity tops usually take a beating over time and just need to be replaced. The vanity is usually the focal point in a bathroom, so in most cases a new vanity top goes a long way in making your bathroom look new again.

Toilets usually have a long life span. If your current toilet is one of the water guzzlers, however, you probably will want to get one of the new water saving models. Before you do, read about toilets here. Look for a link to a site that offers reviews from actual homeowners of which of the new water saving models they found to be either satisfactory or which ones they were not pleased with after putting them into use.

Maybe your bathroom really does need to start from scratch, but take a look around before you make the final decision. Keep what works, and maybe only needs some refurbishing.

Use your bathroom remodeling budget wisely and you could save some money that you might either keep in your pocket, or use for some feature you especially want in your newly remodeled bathroom. Maybe one of the new high powered shower heads or a shower panel with jet sprays, or perhaps a more luxurious flooring for your bathroom. Assess your situation, shop carefully and you may get more pleasure from your bathroom remodeling budget.


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