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Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovation is a serious project. The decisions you make will be with you for a long period of time, as bathrooms don't receive renovation as frequently as the other areas of our homes. Take the needed time and plan carefully so you can get the maximum usage and satisfaction from your investment of time and money.

Cost of a bath renovation

The cost of a bathroom makeover varies greatly depending on the extent of the changes made, individual taste in fixtures and materials, as well as the pricing in a particular region of the country.

Your income and financial resources will factor in as well. Most people have limited resources and need to plan accordingly. You will need to decide if you can accomplish the renovations from savings, or if you will need a loan and how much you are willing to spend.

Carefully consider what can be repurposed. Toilets, unless they are really outdated are pretty standard. Bathtubs that are in good condition can get a whole new life by installing a new surround, giving them a new look. Consider each element as you plan.

One of the major factors in keeping cost down is careful planning and a lot of comparison shopping before you begin. Take your time. Planning is one of the most important steps in completing a bathroom renovation that will provide what you hoped to accomplish in the end.

Put your bathroom renovation ideas on paper

Begin by listing the changes that first come to mind, and that seem the most important. Think what objectives stimulated you to consider the renovation.

  1. The bath is very outdated

  2. Fixtures may not be totally functional

  3. The arrangement is poor

  4. There is a lack of needed storage

  5. Lighting, wiring, or plumbing need updating

This will give you a starting place. Keep your renovation notes in a zip folder, and add notes as you think of them. Be flexible and willing to make compromises as you go along.

Once you have some notes and a rough plan, do some comparison shopping. Get a realistic idea of what things will cost. This will make you better able to set a budget. Write it all down as you go and when you are ready, make a more detailed plan and set up your budget. At this point you will have some facts to work with.

Water is an important factor in a bathroom. Do consider your water supply, and the updates you are making. Will you need a more adequate water supply? This may be the time to update an old water heater, or think about installing a tankless water heater.

Planning a bathroom renovation really is the most important step. Consider how one step in your project affects another so you need not backtrack, waste money and have to do some steps over.

When considering costs decide if you can do some or all of the work yourself. Don't over-step your skill level. There is a time when hiring a professional is money well spent.

Plan your bathroom renovation carefully, obtain any necessary permits, decide how much you may do yourself, and what needs the skill of a professional, and as you develop your budget, allow 10-15 percent extra to handle any unexpected events.


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