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Bathroom Vanities and Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom vanities and bathroom cabinets cover a wide spectrum of possibilities. What you have   in mind for a bathroom remodeling project and it's result has a lot to do with what you may find interesting in this area.

Bathroom vanities come in many styles from designer furniture pieces to more utilitarian items that are probably more appropriately called vanity cabinets.

Bathroom vanities as distinct furniture pieces come in styles from Victorian to contemporary. Victorian seems to have won the popularity contest in this area, but you can find furniture pieces in other styles as well, depending on your personal taste.

Recognizing your own needs in this area can save disappointment at a later date. We are all different, and some people get by with minimal storage while others are hard put to keep things organized and within the space they have. Plan ahead and be sure that you will have adequate space for your own personal needs so that your newly remodeled bathroom will remain both tidy and stylish in the future.

Choose a bathroom vanity piece and complementary pieces that suit both your own personal preference and your own personal space needs.

Bathroom vanity cabinets are fixtures since they would be affixed not only to plumbing but also to the wall structure of your bathroom. For many people these are a better choice for a bathroom remodel. 

The advantage to vanity cabinets is they come in a variety of colors and wood selections, and also make selecting and adding other matching cabinet units for additional storage easier. There are a number of depths and widths to choose from so fitting them into your bathroom remodeling design and space is made easier. If a traditional vanity cabinet is your preference you can add individual style by choosing a vessel sink rather than the srandard bathroom basin. Vessei sinks are available in many styles, colors and shapes.

Though bathroom vanity cabinets may not be quite as distinctive as bathroom vanity furniture pieces there are many styles, colors, and wood types to choose from.

Consider your choices carefully by assessing both your needs and your wishes for a bathroom remodel. Evaluate your lifestyle and storage needs carefully.

The location in terms of whether this is a main bathroom, a master bathroom or a powder room will have some impact on your selection. Also important to think about is who will use this bath, how much traffic it will get, and the specific needs of those using this bathroom.

A bathroom vanity that is a distinctive furniture piece may work very well for you if it both pleases you and can also fulfill your bath needs.

For others a bathroom vanity cabinet and matching storage pieces may make for a more long term choice that will both please and be easier to maintain.


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