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Bathroom Ventilation Fans-Neglect Adding When Remodeling-Suffer Expensive Regret in Future


Broan-NuTone Eshaust Fan/Light/Heater

Bathroom ventilation fans are often overlooked when remodeling or updating a bath. This is because it is not a feature that creates much excitement or offers an immediately pleasurable or decorative feature in your bath space. Bathroom ventilation fans add little to the overall look of your bath, and those that do feature a more decorative design are usually lacking when it comes to an acceptable sone rating and their ability to move enough air to be effective.
But, if you don't attend to this mundane feature in your remodel, you may live to regret it in the future in terms of major expensive in structural repairs that negate all your efforts in improving your bath space. At best, you may have major problems with mold which increases cleaning time, and is unhealthy as well as be unsightly.

Consider the aspects of a bath environment

The bath is a very moist space with all the water and steam generated by fixtures. The bath of today presents an even greater challenge than in former generations, since we have so many fixtures and fittings such as multi-head showers, steam showers, towel warmers, etc. which makes installing a bath exhaust fan very important today.
Proper bath ventilation should be shopped for carefully. Many homes across America are in violation of building codes by not having bath ventilation, or having it improperly installed. A window in a bath has to be pretty fair in size to meet requirements, and few bathrooms would be likely to have such a window. And, in the cooler part of the year you might find it uncomfortable to have the window open during and following bathing until moisture has been removed.

Proper installation of bathroom exhaust fans include seeing that the air removed from your bath goes outside of your home, not into the attic, where it can cause even more damage. Even a good fan will not fulfill the need, if not properly vented to the outside.
Size is also a consideration. Before shopping for a fan, measure your bath accurately for length, width, and height so you will have the cubic feet. The cubic feet in your bath determines the size ventilation fan that will be adequate.
Sone rating is also an important issue. Often times even those who have proper fans in their bath don't use them because of the noise factor. Purchase a fan with a low sone rating so it will get used, without being annoyed by the noise it generates. Many find a sone rating of 2 acceptable. The rating of 2 is comparable to the noise generated by your frig when it kicks on. A rating of 1 would be even quieter.
Bath ventilation fans can also be purchased with automatic sensors that will turn on as you enter the bath, as well as turn off several minutes after you leave. And of course there are those that can be controlled manually.

 Summing Up:

  1. It is important to have proper ventilation fan in a bath.
  2. Bathroom fans need to be installed correctly to vent outside of the home.
  3. Bathroom ventilation fans need to be of adequate size based on cubic feet in your bath.
  4. Selecting a unit with a tolerable sone rating will encourage the use of the fan.
  5. Additional features such as sensors, included lighting, and an appealing appearance are desirable, but not necessary.
Covering the first four items will make your bath more hygienic, smell better, keep it easier to clean, and last but foremost, bathroom ventilation fans prevent costly structural damage in a home.


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