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Bathrooms and Natural Light

Natural light can be a very valued addition to a bathroom. Natural light will make small bathrooms seem larger by increasing the feel of  visual space. Natural light has an uplifting effect on the human spirit. Studies have shown that exposure to more daylight, and especially sunshine creates a positive response in the way we feel.

Bathrooms gain natural light with windows

Many older bathrooms have very small windows, and it is interesting that some bathrooms located on an outside wall may have no windows at all. Adding windows, or increasing the size, can bring in natural light and make a delightful change in a dark bathroom.

If you are adding, or updating the windows in your bathroom, you will need to decide on what type of windows will best suit your needs. Windows can either open and allow some ventilation or be stationary and only add light.

Bathroom windows alone seldom add enough ventilation. Although adding or increasing the size of windows is desirable, it is not a complete answer to much needed ventilation in a bathroom. Every bathroom should include a ventilating fan that is large enough to do an adequate job depending on the cubic feet in your bathroom.

Sliding windows are very common in households today. They have tracks on the top and bottom and open sideways.

Awning windows are generally wider than they are tall and horizontally hinged so they swing up and out.

Casement windows are usually tall and narrower and swing out like a door.

Stationary or fixed windows do not open to offer ventilation, but will admit much needed light, and are available in a variety of shapes.

Adding windows in a bathroom takes some judgement of your surroundings. Most bathrooms will require taking some measures to both take advantage of the light while also allowing for privacy.

Adding natural light to a bathroom with skylights

Not all bathrooms are located on an outside wall, but natural light can be added with the addition of a skylight.

Bubble style skylights are what most people think of, and they can be very good in areas that get a lot of rain as the shape will encourage runoff. Today skylights come in many forms and are much better built. If you prefer, there is also the flat-profile roof window type of skylight.

Both of these work well if your bathroom is located under a roof, however if your bathroom is in a lower level of the house there are still skylight options available.

Tubular skylights are often an easy remedy for bathrooms and natural light

Tubular skylights can be installed to gain natural light in rooms that are many feet below the roof. These tubular skylights are usually smaller than the traditional type of skylight, but do come in different diameters. 

When selecting a skylight for your bathroom, consider your climatic conditions. If you live in a very hot area you will need to filter out the sun's rays, and if you live in cooler areas, your concerns will be to stop heat loss. Do some research and purchase a skylight according to your specific needs.


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