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Bathtub Style

Choose the tub style that is right for your household and your needs

 Standard One Person Tub  Tub for Two Copper Pedestal Tub  Jacuzzi Corner Tub 


Single person bathtub   

A single person bathtub may work very well for you, especially if this is for a main bathroom. One advantage to a single person bathtub is that it requires less water to fill and that will save on utility bills. Also a single person bathtub will need less reach when it is being cleaned. 

If a single person tub is your style choice, you may want to go the extra mile and get a deeper bathtub or soaker tub. When you need a really relaxing soak you will have that option, and for a quicker bath you have the option of filling it less.

Two person bathtub

Two person tubs are a likely bathtub style option for a master bath. They do take more water, and you should check to see how much it takes to fill them and if you have an adequate supply of hot water. Because of the water needed,this is not a practical choice unless you really feel that it will be used often by two people.

Whirlpool bathtub

Whirlpool bathtubs require some thought and research. There are air jet tubs that propel air for a bubbling action, and whirlpool tubs where air and water are forced through jets for a massaging effect. Bath salts and oils may be used in air jet tubs, but not in whirlpool tubs in most cases. (consult manufacturer for your specific model) 

Things to consider and research are maintenance needs, self-cleaning or not, motor location (this is a noise factor issue), horsepower, access for maintenance, size and water capacity, weight factor in regard to floor stability, number of jets and their location, cost factor, and electrical and safety needs.

And, last but not least, will you really use your whirlpool bathtub once it is installed? Give this bathtub style some serious thought. These units are a large investment in terms of original cost, routine maintenance, and increased utility costs. Will they be worth your investment?

More bathtub style issues

There are free-standing claw foot bathtubs, corner bathtubs, alcove bathtubs, and recessed bathtubs. More styles are out there, but these are the most sought after style options. Make sure your bathtub fits your needs. If you or someone in your household is quite tall, length could be an issue. Bathtub sizes vary. The 5 foot tub is still the most universally popular size, but bathtub dimensions usually run between 55 inches to 72 inches in length, and widths vary depending on the type of tub.

There are also walk in bathtubs for those with specials needs or mobility problems. A walk in bathtub has an easy access door and entry is very close to floor level to make entry easy. The door is built to provide a very secure seal. There are a number of makers of these safety tubs which are ADA compliant. 

Bathtub color is something else to think about. While there are many color options it is probably best to stay with white or bisque. These colors are easy on the eye and not likely to lose favor anytime soon. Resale value is always something to consider when doing a bathroom remodel. Even if you plan to live in this house forever, sometimes things change that you may not be expecting.

A copper bathtub would probably be a plus in terms of resale because it is so distinctive. On the other hand, if you choose a black bathtub that you just love, a buyer may not be so enthralled. One thing on the side of white or bisque bathtubs, they will blend with any future redecorating you may do in your bathroom.

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