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Bathtub or Shower


Bathtub/Shower Combination

Whether to have a bathtub or shower is an important question when planning a bathroom remodel. If you have a small space, a bathtub/shower combination may be the answer.
For a number of years, bathtubs were almost out of vogue. Many homeowners with their busy lives opted to have a shower which could take care of their bathing needs in a short amount of time.
The trend is changing, and many homeowners are rethinking the shower only train of thought. A bathtub not only serves needs for cleanliness, but can provide a very relaxing time for anyone who has a busy daily life. And, who these days is not very busy?
In a small bathroom where space is a very valuable comodity, there comes a time when a choice has to be made between a bathtub or  shower, because the size of the room will just not accomodate both. In many of these situations the prudent choice will be for a shower/bathtub combination. 

Think about your needs and wishes

In a home with very small children, a bathtub is a necessary choice. Small children can often be frightened by the aspect of falling water and in the interim between the time they are too large for the sink and too small to be put into a shower, a bathtub may be necessary.
Adults too can find many benefits in a bathtub that are not experienced with a shower. While a shower is time efficient there is nothing like a relaxing soak in the tub.
Life today is very busy and stressful and enjoying a time in a warm relaxing soak can take away many of the tensions of the day, and be much less expensive than sessions with a counselor.
Homeowners are gaining wisdom and equiping their bathrooms whether large or small to meet the needs of daily life, and one of those needs is relaxation from stress.
Whether you are a yourg homeowner with small children, a mid life indivudual with aching muscles after a stimulating workout, or a person of advancing age, a bathtub can often serve many of your most pressing needs.
Consider when you are remodeling just what your needs are, what your space will accomodate, and whether a bathtub/shower combination will best serve the needs and wants of most who live in your household.

And, always be thinking to the future while thinking through whether to have a bathtub or shower. Life is full of change, sometimes unexpected. You may have no plans now to move, but if in the future a job relocation or a family situation requires it, having a bathtub and shower will make your home more saleable. A bath isn't considered a full bath in many locales unless it provides both a tub and shower.


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