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Best Bathroom Faucet for Your Needs and Wants

Selecting the best bathroom faucet for your needs and wants divides the decision into two categories. And as you assess the many options under each of these categories, you will find there is much to consider.

1. is needs, and under needs you should think of budget and function

When refurbishing a bath, all but the very rich, need to set a budget that fits within their specific income. Where the faucet is used, and who will be using it are also considerations, as well as quality and the base metal from which the faucet system is constructed.

2. is wants, and this covers style, decor options, and finish.


Kohler Centerset Faucet

Once you have considered needs, then you can move onto style, which covers the number of handles, and how the faucet functions. Decor refers to such things as Contemporary, Victorian, or maybe Colonial. Finishes in all of these are very diverse.

The most common bathroom faucet style is the centerset which is one unit with handles and spout included, mounted to one base.

The widespread faucet set contains two separate handles and the water spout, but all as separate units.

Single lever faucets are very compact, often found on kitchen sinks with one lever controlling water temperature and flow of water. single lever faucets may be a good option for a busy Mom with a baby on one hip, or elder citizens with arthritic hands because of their ease of use.

Two other faucet styles that are gaining popularity are the wall-mounted faucets, and the waterfall faucet. These are primarily used with vessel sinks. Wall-mounted faucets are a more complicated installation as they require opening the wall.

Decor style is another important factor, and depends on your particular decor style preference. Carrying this style throughout your bath, including other fixtures and furnishings will bring your whole decor theme together and sets your style.

And now we get to finish, and there are many. Pewter, antique brass, gold, oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, chrome, black and white, satin nickel. Gold toned finishes are considered out of date unless you have a very traditional decor. Matte finishes such as satin or brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze have been more trendy in recent years, although the glossy finishes are starting a comeback in popularity.

The finish you choose depends on whether you find it important to be trendy, and your lifestyle and habits. Polished chrome is less expensive, and looks great when new from the showroom. But it requires more maintenance to keep it looking that way. Consider water spots and finger prints, and how much time you want to spend polishing. If, like me, drudgery is not your style, then select from among the many matte finishes and enjoy more leisure time.

There is much that can be said for bathroom faucets, but these are some of the basics to consider before making an investment. Make the right choice for you in quality, style, decor and finish. An updated bathroom faucet can bring new life to a long-suffering vanity area and make you feel good every time you use it. Make the right choice for you in quality, style, decor and finish.

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