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Budget-Friendly Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Although the bath is likely the smallest of rooms in your home, a bathroom renovation can be very costly. People like to make this small room as comfortable and as stylish as possible. With all the latest in bathroom fixtures and furnishings, the bath can become like your own private and luxurious spa. But if you are looking to update your bath with the restriction of a tight budget, here are some tips that will help to make that possible.

Bathroom renovation contracted out versus do-it-yourself

More and more today homeowners are taking on home renovations themselves rather than contracting the task out. The bath is a popular project for these folks as it is a smaller room and seems more do-able. This room, however, usually needs both electrical and plumbing work during an update, and it is wise to assess your skills, be honest about what you can do yourself, and hire a plumber or an electrician to do the more complex tasks. This will save you time and money as opposed to either ending up with inferior or unsafe work that must then be redone, putting a further hit against your budget.

Not only will you save money in the long run on the bathroom renovation itself, but over the long run you will benefit from eliminating breakdowns, added safety and the work will pass code and keep your homeowners insurance intact. Just be sure the professionals you hire are licensed, bonded, and check references of their previous jobs, as well as making sure proper permits are in place.

This may seem counter-productive to saving money, but just the opposite is true. This will further assure your family safety and avoid plumbing problems.

So what can the do-it-yourself renovators do?

Much of the grunt work and simpler projects of a bathroom renovation are within the grasp of a handy homeowner. If your current bath layout is functional, don't move fixtures from their current placement. This will make your renovation more budget-friendly. Only if the placement is awkward and interferes with your use of the bath should you consider moving fixtures around.

Installing a  faucet or replacing a toilet is reasonably within the skill level of the do-it-yourself homeowner. When replacing a toilet, it is a good idea to enlist an extra set of hands to help while setting the toilet over the seal. This will make balancing it and getting it in line with the seal much easier.

Salvage what you can. If your tub is in good condition, maybe just replacing the shower wall above it will give it a fresh new look. Survey your vanity to see if it can be refurbished with a new stain or paint job instead of replacing it. The same with the bathroom basin. If it is still in good shape, maybe just a new faucet will do the job of giving it new life.


Recessed Medicine Cabinet

If your medicine cabinet is old and shabby, shop for a new one. This and updated vanity lights can do much to revitalize a bathroom that is looking out of date. This is usually the most striking area in a bath, and updating it will have a lot of impact for the dollars spent.

Flooring is another project most homeowners can accomplish on their own. Tile is always a good option, and will give your home more value. Or, if you like the look of hardwood, consider vinyl plank flooring. This a very easy install, requires no special tools, and is a great option in a wet area such as a bath. Many choices in vinyl plank flooring are available today, and if carefully chosen will look just like the real thing.

Paint is a budget-friendly option and goes a long way for the money. Patch walls where necessary, and freshen the whole area with a fresh coat of quality enamel paint in a new color for a change of pace. Enamel is available is very glossy, or if you prefer a less glossy appearance, choose eggshell. Flat paint is not good in a bath because of the moisture.

And, above all when planning a bathroom renovation shop wisely. Take some time to plan what you want to accomplish, make a list of needed fixtures and material, not forgetting such things as hardware and nuts and bolts. All these small items add up. Do extensive comparison shopping, keeping notes on what, where, and the price. Be prepared to do a little compromising where necessary, and enjoy your new space once it is done.


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