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Ceramic Tile Floor with a Contemporary Feel

If you love the look of ceramic tile it can be a great choice for a bathroom floor. Ceramic tile will raise   the value and selling appeal of your home if you should decide to sell in the future.

Take some time before selecting tile. Think about the colors you find yourself usually including in your decor. Recognize that whatever the color of your bathroom is now, it will probably go through some color changes in the future. Since tile is a long wearing flooring which is not likely ever to go out of style, this floor will be with you far into the future. Choose your color and pattern with future changes in mind.

To give your tile floor a more contemporary smoother look, place tiles closer together than you might under another application. Finer grout lines will give the floor a much sleeker look. To further carry this look along, select a grout in a color that is very close to the color of your tile.

As an example, visualize a very Contemporary bath in black and white. Tiles are either black or charcoal in color. They are placed as close as possible, and grout is nearly the same shade. This is a very chic and Contemporary look, and future changes in complementary decor are endless....

Take care to select a grout that has both acid resistance and stain resistance. The acid resistant feature will make it safer to clean, and the stain resistant feature will insure that it remains looking good.

If you are installing the tile yourself, then you can afford to pay a little more for the tile itself and get a little better quality. Examine the individual tiles to be sure they are uniform in size. Tiles that vary in size will throw your grout lines out of whack, and you will not be happy with the finished look of your ceramic tile floor. 

Buy all your tiles at the same time. This is much like buying carpeting or fabric. One batch of tile can vary in it's coloration as opposed to the next batch. Buy a little extra, in case any break while you are working with them. Most home improvement centers will allow you to return what you don't use.

Plan your tile job carefully. Get full instructions on how to do the job if this is your first time. You will find tile laying videos that walk you through the whole process if you need extra help. these can often be found at home improvements centers, and often at no cost on loan.

Make sure you have all the tools and supplies needed, including a good pair of knee pads. Make other arrangements for bathroom needs until your tile laying project is complete. Allowing time for each step is one of the most important factors in having a ceramic tile floor that you are happy with when you are done.


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