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Claw Foot Bathtub-Selection Tips 

Elizabethan Classics Claw Foot Tub

Claw Foot Bathtubs are a classic, and make a wonderful addition in a Vintage style bathroom remodel. Considering a few facts about clawfoot bathtubs is a good idea before making a selection.

Clawfoot tubs have been around since the mid 19th century and have proved their durability from two vantage points. They hold up well, and their popularity endures.
Originally all claw foot bathtubs were cast iron with a porcelain overlay. This made them durable as well as easy to maintain. They are typically a deep tub making them great soaking tubs. Their construction also makes them retain heat for a longer period.

Combined with other fixtures reflecting this period in history, such as a pedestal sink or a vintage vanity can provide a striking decor for your bath which will not suffer the hazard of going out of style.
While a cast iron claw foot tub is a beautiful option, the weight of the tub itself combined with the quantity of water it will hold should be an important consideration.
You will want to provide substantial support for this weight load, so check the area where it will be installed before selecting a cast iron model.
Claw foot bathtubs today are also available in a variety of other materials that you may want to consider, with acrylic being one of the most popular after cast-iron.


Double Slipper Acrylic Claw Foot Tub Pkg.

An acrylic tub is another option for a clawfoot bathtub, weighs considerably less than one in cast iron and is also warmer to the touch, but presents the same charm and style as a cast iron tub. This acrylic clawfoot Double lipper tub is an example with it's high sloped end and ample length. 

Claw foot tubs are also available in copper which is another elegant choice. Review the options in size, style, and materials and find just the right tub for your Vintage bath.


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