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Clawfoot Bathtub Installation Pointers



Most manufacturers recommend that the clawfoot bathtub installation be done by a professional in order to fulfill the warranty. This is something you should know before purchasing. If you are going to install a clawfoot bathtub yourself, research the steps that will be needed and assess your skill level. Manufacturers provide installation instructions and a schematic to follow, but doing some initial intro research is a good thing.

There are many styles of clawfoot tub to select from

  1. The rolled rim claw foot bathtub is rounded on one end and flat on the end where the faucet will attach.
  2. The double ended clawfoot tub is rounded on both ends and features a center drain allowing you to sit either way against the tub ends.
  3. The double slipper clawfoot tub is deeply sloped at both rounded ends and possibly the most beautiful as a centerpiece in a vintage bath. They are a great soaking tub, as their extended height and sloping end make them very comfortable.
  4. The Slipper clawfoot bathtub is high and sloping at one end, and also very attractive and comfortable.

Tub drillings are very important in clawfoot tub selection

Drillings for faucet systems effect the overall look of your clawfoot bathtub once it is installed, as well as the type of faucet and where it is placed. If you want a particular type of faucet, you must match it to the tub.

Faucets for clawfoot tubs can be mounted on the tub itself, on the wall, or be free-standing. Each has it's own characteristics. British telephone faucets present a very elegant look to one of these tubs
Buying a clawfoot bathtub package is also an option. Packages includes various elements including faucets, drain, supply lines, sometimes a shower attachment. Each package differs.


As you plan a purchase and installation of a clawfoot bathtub, some points should be considered

1. A cast iron clawfoot tub is the traditional material, and very durable, but also very heavy. Your floor needs to be able to handle the weight of a cast iron tub and the water it will hold. Know the condition of your sub floor. Also be sure your floor is level. A cast iron tub allows the option of a shower enclosure attached through faucet holes in the tub wall.
2. An acrylic tub is lightweight by comparison and holds water temperature longer as well as being warmer to the touch. It is easier to manage during installation, also. An acrylic clawfoot tub also allows options such as a whirlpool or jetted tub.

3. Size is important also. You will want adequate clearance around the tub once it is installed to keep your bath fully functional. And you will want to display this type of tub in the manner it deserves.
Clawfoot tubs come in a variety of lengths from 48" to 72" Determine what your space will best allow.
  4. As with any modern bathroom update, it is important to check whether your water supply can meet the demand of the fixtures you will be adding.
Give all these items some thought as you plan your installation. Do be sure to have all the elements needed before you begin the install. Aside from the tools you will need the tub, supply lines, faucet, drain, and a stopper. And you'll need a second person to give you a hand. The weight of the tub calls for additional help, and also remember that you will need to balance a large object.
To install the claw feet, have your tub balanced off the floor on something that can hold the weight, and that is made of or covered with a material that won't cause abrasion.

As a final step: If you handle the clawfoot bathtub installation yourself, look it over to be sure everything is right, see that there are no leaks, and that the tub drains properly. Go through the same process if you have a professional installation, before the installer leaves.
And, once the installation is done, enjoy your beautiful clawfoot bathtub for many years into the future.


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