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Corner Bathtub-A Striking Design Choice

When selecting a bathtub for a bathroom renovation, one possible option is the corner bathtub. These tubs offer some special design advantages, and can give your bath a unique and stunning look.

This type of tub is often selected to solve design problems. This can be effective in a small bath to better utilize space. When doing a bathroom renovation of a vintage home this can be of particular advantage.

Many older homes have oddly shaped bath areas. When renovating, and in order to keep the cost of the renovation under control, it is often better to work within the space as it is. When there is oddly shaped space or a peculiar alcove, it can often be used to advantage with the addition of a corner tub and give a spectacular result. 

Jacuzzi Corner Bath

Installing a corner tub into a large jutting alcove can often create a stunning focal point in an otherwise ordinary bath. Many of these tubs have a large deck which presents the opportunity for either adding decor features to spice up your bath, or choosing among many different types of faucet systems that will further enhance the finished decor in a bathroom.

A small bath can also benefit from the addition of a corner bathtub, this is especially true if the space has an irregular shape

Corner tubs these days are made of durable materials that hold up will over time, giving long service and good looks in lightweight materials that will diminish the load on bathroom flooring structure.

A bathtub can be selected in either a standard type soaking tub, or one that is fitted with whirlpool jets offering many directional functions and focusing on different areas of the body, special lumbar back rests, and armrests for an invigorating Spa-like experience.

And, some models can even be fitted with doors, if a shower is also something that is needed.

Diverse finish options are also variable, catering to your own personal preference or color needs within your decor

When considering the design advantages of a corner bathtub, the choice between a standard soaking tub or a whirlpool tub, the additional decor advantages of a large tub deck, all the new durable and lightweight materials available, optional finishes, the advantages it offers in an otherwise difficult bathroom renovation, a corner tub can indeed be a wonderful and pleasing design choice.


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