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Electrical and Wiring in a Bathroom Remodel

During a bathroom remodel is the time to take care of any electrical and wiring problems or needs. It is foolish to finish a remodel and not have the wiring and electrical needs taken care of. While you have the bathroom in disarray, be sure to get your electrical and wiring needs taken care of.

If updating any of the electrical needs will require opening up any wall space, then this is the time to do it, before you have the bathroom remodel finished.

Some things to think about when you are planning your bathroom remodel are the bathroom lighting, ventilation, and the number and placement of electrical outlets. 

This may be more of a problem in older homes. I once had an older home that seemed to have potential when it was purchased. Well, that's another story... Anyway, the bathroom in this home had one outlet. I don't mean one plate with two outlet placements, I mean one. The other space was occupied by the light switch.

Inadequate electrical outlets are often a problem in older homes. Think how you use your bathroom, and how many electrical devices you might potentially need to plug in, and the most desirable placement. Curling iron, hair dryers, radios, etc.

Lighting and other electrical considerations

What about the lighting in your bathroom? Adequate lighting in a bathroom is a must for  continued pleasurable use. On the practical side, you need good lighting in the vanity area for grooming needs.

While you may have some idea what needs to be done in terms of electrical wiring when you start planning, additions may need to be made as your plan progresses, and fixtures are selected. The addition of a whirlpool tub could add to your electrical needs as well as some of the specialty showers.

Complete your remodeling plan and select your fixtures before getting started, and review all your electrical needs before getting under way with a bathroom remodel. Get all the messy work done so when your bathroom is complete, there will be no need to disturb this area for many years to come.

And one more area to consider when updating your wiring, is ventilation. Bathroom ventilation is a must. Make sure to factor this into your remodeling project.


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