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Installing Ceramic Tile on a Dime

Ceramic tile is a wonderful addition to any home, and installing this as a flooring material, on countertops or in shower stalls can raise your home's value substantially. Not to mention the enjoyment and pride it gives to you, the homeowner.

If you love the look of tile floors, but have priced the installation cost, then have you thought of laying the tile yourself? Think how proud you would be showing off your new floor, that you have installed yourself.

Don't be intimidated by the thought of installing tile yourself. Much of the job is taking the steps one at a time, letting it cure properly and then moving on to the next step. Some skill in basic math can certainly be a big help.

Much of your tile is going to be installed just as it is, in whole pieces. Some of the trickier aspects are when you need to cut pieces of tile to fit, and when they are not linear in shape. For instance, cutting tile to fit around pipes or a toilet base.

This is where you could use some expert help

Expert help is available in the form of books and video which are available at large home improvement centers. Often these large centers offer a lot of free information in print form with detailed instructions that many manufacturers make available to help move more product.

What you need to know before getting started laying ceramic tile:

1. How to install backerboard

2. Making cuts using cutter board

3. laying tile out correctly
4. using spacers
5 Using nippers

6. Using a tile saw (safely)

7. Sizing and dressing the joints

Laying tile is not rocket science. If you are a reasonably handy person you can learn what you need to know, and just how to do it yourself. Installing the floor yourself can save you a substantial amount of money, and make the whole job affordable if you are on a limited budget, while still getting the beautiful tile floor that you desire.

Take the plunge. Learn the skill needed and enjoy the beautiful look and enduring qualities of your own tile flooring and feel the pride of having done it yourself.

Whether you are laying a tile bathroom floor, or tile for a bathroom shower or countertop you will gain expertise and the ability to complete your tiling job and realize a substantial amount of savings.
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