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Less is More in Small Bath Design

Since most homes across America do not have palatial sized bathrooms, the majority of us are confronted with space limitations, and must design our smaller bath accordingly.

Small bath-choose neutral colors for major design elements


Decolav China Above Counter Sink

Choosing neutral colors for fixtures and surfaces is a wise decision if you are starting at the beginning in designing a smaller bath. It is far better to select fixtures that have striking design elements than to choose those that are in trendy colors. Black comes to mind, and is popular with some young homeowners. But though it may be trendy today, it may look as out of place in the future as avocado green and turquoise in later years.

Bath fixtures last many years and should be chosen well so they will remain over future years without saying 'out of date'.

Better to select unique design in neutral colors for a smaller bath. For instance, an above counter sink can give your bath an updated look today and lend a special element to a modest sized bath.

An attractive tub surround is another design element that will stand the test of time and give your modest sized bath a dash of style.

Pedestal sinks offer another selection that will not go out of date anytime soon. This is a great choice for a minimalist look. Pedestal sinks are available in all decor styles from Victorian to Contemporary. They are a feature today in many very sophisticated bathrooms.

A pedestal sink is not for everyone though. some of us require maximum surface space, and in this case then maybe a stylish vanity is a better solution. Bathroom vanity furniture is another trend that has really gained popularity. Rather than the conventional built in vanity, today many style options are available in stand alone pieces in a variety of styles.

We each need to survey our specific needs and those of the other members of our household when planning a bath, and factor that in, to get the most for all who will be using this space.

Lighting-important in a small bath

Lighting in a small bath is of great importance. Nothing expands a small space more than good, well placed lighting. Consider the lighting needs of your smaller bath, and select some fixtures that will fulfill this need and at the same time give your space some 'wow factor'. Lighting fixtures are available in so many styles and finishes today that shopping for them can be a very fun experience and at the same time present you with just the look you are after. 

These are just some of the basics of small bath design, elements of color can be added later with the addition of linens, wall hangings, countertop accessories and the like. In a smaller bath less is more. Selecting less, yet striking decor items is a much better approach when your space is limited.

With planning, and tasteful selection your small bath can present a very stylish and pleasing look, and also lend itself to small changes in the future that will ensure it is always up to date.



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