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Marble and Granite Floors

Natural stone, such as marble and granite need special care. Water and a soft non-abrasive cloth can be used for routine clean up, but general cleaners should not be used on these surfaces because they may cause etching or dulling. When more heavy duty cleaning is needed for marble and granite floors, or other natural stone, care should be taken to get cleaners for this specific purpose, to clean but do no harm.

A household with children may not be the place for marble or granite floors unless it is in the master bath. Many everyday products can do damage to natural stone because of their acidity. Does your daughter carry a soft drink into the bathroom when she does her hair?

Know The Care Requirements of Granite and Marble

Most of the things we routinely clean with in our bathrooms are a hazard to natural stone. These include cleansers, bathroom cleaners, tub and tile cleaners, most other general purpose cleaners, and are you ready? Vinegar! Vinegar has long been used for a cleaner, especially windows. Well, it does a fine job on windows, but keep it away from marble, granite and other stone surfaces. Not to mention, many of the toiletries that we routinely use contain acidity that can be harmful to granite and marble.

Many bathroom cleaners and toiletries can mar the surface of granite, so care needs to be taken. the good news is that granite is a very hardy surface, and will last for many years. It is also repairable if damage is done.


Marble and granite lend a feeling of oppulence to your home

Marble and granite will give your home a very lururious appearance, and add value and appeal, should you decide to sell in the future.

If you find that natural stone (marble, granite, etc) is your choice for bathroom surfaces, be sure you have it properly installed, and sealed if that is called for. Know how to clean and maintain it. Be sure to know what not to use to clean marble or granite flooring or surfaces. And make enquiries about what future maintenance it may need.

One extra word of caution: When seeking information on how to clean and maintain marble, granite or other stone surfaces, get your information from the manufacturer. I have heard many horror stories because a sales person was ill informed and passed bad information on to the buyer of these materials.

When looking at sample pieces of granite or marble and making your decision, choose a pattern coloration you can live with and decorate around for a long time. Women, especially, need change from time to time, and you may want to redecorate. Another thing to think about, especially with marble, there are pattern and coloration changes from piece to piece. The overall look of your marble floor may look different after installation than you had envisioned when you made your selection from one piece.

A good source of further information on natural stone.


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