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Medicine Cabinets-Purchase Tips

items that need attention when purchasing a new cabinet.

Cabinets and space consideration


Broan Recessed Medicine Cabinet

space is a major factor that needs some thought. Measure your space above your vanity for a starting point. Your cabinet should be sized in proportion to the vanity it is mounted above.

Think also about lighting. If you purchase a cabinet with top lighting, or are going to buy top lights then this isn't as important.

If, however, you are going to add stylish vanity lights on either side of your medicine cabinet then you will need to allow for the space they require.

When considering space, you will also need to think how high above the vanity you will mount your cabinet.

With a standard sink and faucet, this needs little consideration, but if you are installing a vessel or countertop sink, or a faucet with a long neck then this needs some extra thought. You will need to allow for clearance, and also to avoid any splash up. The other thing to think about is the height of the users. Mounting the bottom of your cabinet too high may create a problem for young children in the household.

Cabinets and style

What style medicine cabinet will you choose? When choosing style there are two more things to think about. Style in the sense of decor is one thing you will want to decide. What is your style preference, and what is the general style that will coordinate with the other fixtures and elements in your bath? And do you want single door, sliding doors, or tri-view. You will find these cabinets in all the popular styles. Country, Shaker, Art Deco, Traditional and Contemporary cabinets and more are available.

The other style consideration is whether you want a recessed or a surface mount. This will depend not only on your personal preference, but on the wall construction of your bathroom. You will need to determine whether or not the wall is a load bearing wall. If it is a load bearing wall, then you will need to fall back on a surface mount.

Also be cautious if you are installing a recessed cabinet. Proceed with caution until you know where your wiring is, and take any safety precautions needed such as turning off circuit breakers.

Special options

Adjustable shelves and good hinges are not special options but are something to be considered.

There are a number of special options in today's medicine cabinets.

  1. Deep cabinets are being made available, that are large enough to house larger items such as curling irons and blow dryers. This can go a long way in solving storage needs as well as keeping things out of sight when not in use. in Some models, come with lights built in, eliminating one step in the shopping process.

  2. Electrical outlets that are built in to some  cabinets can prove very handy, and put them just where they are needed.

  3. There are finally a few medicine cabinets showing up on the market that offer locking space, or an optional lock box that can be added to certain models. In a household with small children this could add an element of safety where medications are concerned.

  4. High end units even offer a section which has cold storage for medications and cosmetics.

AS you can see, there are a number of things to think about and coordinate when selecting a medicine cabinet.

One other thought: Many times the cabinet you want will be listed as either surface mount or recessed. If you find a cabinet you especially like, but it is the wrong application, dig a little further. Many models are offered with both options.


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