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Medicine Cabinets

These cabinets are still a popular item in the bathroom of today. Although a segment of today's homeowners prefer a flat mirror above the vanity area, medicine cabinets are still in demand, especially for smaller bathrooms where every inch of storage space is valued. Remember to factor in space for your vanity lighting if you don't select a cabinet that includes lighting for the vanity. 

Variety of styles and sizes

There is a wide variety of styles and sizes today. Unlike the medicine chests of yesterday they are very stylish and an attractive addition to any bath. They are available in small to very large sizes, single, double and even triple door models. Some are large enough to span the entire width of the vanity. These large mirrored versions add light and visual space in a small bath.

They are available in framed and frameless versions in many finishes, and offer a lot of extra features. Some  cabinets mount on the wall, and others can be recessed between the studs on a non load bearing wall. Recessed cabinets are very attractive and save visual space in a small bathroom. Many cabinets also offer the option of recessed or surface mount for the same model. 

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 Tips for selecting a cabinet: 

Adjustable shelves allow you more options as your storage needs change. Snap-fit is a feature that keeps your shelves secure once they are placed.
Good hinges are a must for heavy mirrored doors. Piano hinges are a top option that will give the stability needed.
Mirrors inside and outside will provide better visibility of items inside the cabinet, and lighten up the bath area.
Reversible doors that can open left or right are a marvelous option. This can be just a convenience for the left or right handed person, or it can remove an obstruction when the swing of the door interfers with something else in your bath.
Select a cabinet that is in keeping with the width of your vanity, and is complimentary to the general decor style in your bath.

More modern features

Among the list of newer features are deep medicine chests that are large enough to accommodate grooming item such as hair dryers and curling irons.

Another great feature is the fogless mirror. Rather than wiping the mirror or waiting for it to clear up, today's homeowner can come directly from the shower and have clear use of the mirror for grooming.

Extra mirrors are also a good feature. Some of these are inside the door and others are mounted on the exterior mirror. Others feature magnifying makeup mirrors.

Another feature in today's medicine cabinets are electrical outlets in the medicine cabinet itself. This can put outlets right where they are most needed.


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