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Pedestal Sinks for Contemporary or Vintage Bath Design

Pedestal sinks have been a classic over the years, and have never really gone out of style. In our modern times though, they have created a lot of interest in the field of bath design, offering a bath a unique look.

They started their existence made from cast iron with a covering of enamel. This original composition was eventually updated, and they have been made from vitreous china for the past 100 years.

These sinks have always been the darling of those who prefer the Victorian style. They are the perfect companion in a bath with a clawfoot tub. And indeed, the Victorian bath is an often chosen style in these modern times.
Pedestal Sink
But if the Victorian style is not your cup of tea, don't be too quick to dismiss this type of sink for your bath. They come in various sizes and styles, some that are very simplistic and sleek and very suitable for a Contemporary bath.

Pedestal sinks offer the benefit of fitting well in a smaller bath and freeing up space to create a better flow. Powder rooms are well suited to this type of sink. But in a family bath they can also be an advantage because they can leave a lot of space for getting around, and at the same time make a style statement.
There can be a downside for some folks, in that pedestal sinks lack surface space for laying out toiletries and grooming devices. This can be somewhat diminished by selecting one that offers a larger top such as the Kohler Memoirs 30" wide pedestal lavatory. In some baths, placing a small table or decorative chest nearby can also alleviate this problem, while adding another design feature. Or, another option is placing a porcelain shelf above your sink, tying into the design while providing some surface space.
Browse through the many styles and selections available to see which one suits your style and needs best. Some are offered which have a greater height, an advantage for those who are taller.
If planning to do the installation yourself, do review instructions before getting started. Take good measurements to be sure and get your pipes and supply lines just right. Enlist the aid of a friend or neighbor just in case a second pair of hands is needed. Once your pedestal sink is installed it is very sturdy, but until it is placed and secured there could be issues since the material is vitreous china.


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