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Prefabricated Showers Are Not What They Used To Be


Dreamline SHJC-2140406-01 Shower Enclosure

The idea of a prefabricated shower may put a bad taste in your mouth. Think again with an open mind.
A visit to your local showroom may have you changing your mind. These are not just low end units anymore. You will find many of the features offered in custom showers available.
These shower modules now feature a wide variety of the most desirable features.

Features include: multiple showerheads, steam, body jets, waterfall rainheads, handheld personal shower, remote control CD, stereo and TV systems.

Advantages of modern shower enclosures:

  • Offered in one piece and multi-piece units

  • Flexible pricing

  • Lightweight-floor may not need extra stabilizing of the underlayment as in the case of a tile shower

  • Lightweight-easier handling by a do-it-yourselfer

  • Fast installation

  • Ease of getting multi-piece unit on site and into space alloted 

These showers come in various sizes, and since they are offered as multi-piece units as well as one piece units, they might be the right solution for your bathroom remodel.
Prefabricated showers come in 32, 36, and 48 inch units. The multi-piece units are assembled on site. For a bathroom remodel this can allow you to have the size you want and still get it into your existing space.
If you are doing a bathroom remodel, before considering a one piece prefabricated shower, take lots of measurements, consider the route your unit will have to travel to get to it's final position and be sure you can get it into the house, through doorways and halls, or whatever is encountered on it's way to your new bathroom.
Do some convenient browsing online and investigate how prefabricated showers have improved and what features you would select.


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