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Quick Decorative Fixes For Bath Decor

Your bath may not be in need of major repair or expensive updating, but may need just a facelift. Or it may be that you just need a change of scenery in your bath. We all tire of the same old thing after a time. think about the minor changes you might make in your bathroom decor.

The first line of defense for an inexpensive change in  decor is a fresh new paint job. This may be the time to not only freshen up the paint job in your bath, but try a new color. Nothing changes the personality of a room like a change in color. New color on the walls can set the backdrop for other minor changes such as new bath linens.

Other ideas for updating bath decor:


Moen Centerset Bath Faucet

   1. If your vanity top has seen a lot of wear, and suffered abuse from medicines and toiletries, then maybe purchasing an in-stock countertop from a big box store and cutting it to size can allow you to change it out in little time. Matching end pieces are available to give it a finished look.

   2. While you are changing out your vanity top, take stock of your faucet. Is this the time to get that new faucet? A new paint job, and the addition of a new vanity top and faucet will make a dramatic difference in a bath that has not been updated recently.

   3. Or maybe, if you are changing the vanity top, this is a good time to get that above counter sink that you have been admiring.

   4. Does your bath have a shower curtain? A new shower curtain is another thing that can set the tone for a change in bath decor. The pattern in the curtain could be the catalyst for your new palette. If you selected a sophisticated black and white, then you could have a black and white theme throughout your bath. Or if you choose a feminine floral pattern with more colors, then this could be the jumping off place that determines where you go with changes in bath decor.

   5. Medicine cabinets and vanity lights can also make a big change. In a modest sized bath, the vanity is often the main focal point. As such, its appearance is of great importance to a bath. A new updated medicine cabinet, and new vanity lighting can create a very pleasant and immediately noticeable change. Whether your choice is framed or frameless there are a wide variety of medicine cabinets as well as a diverse supply of attractive lighting solutions that will dress your vanity with a new look.

Consider your present bath decor, and give some thought to these tips to see what would give you the most pleasing effect in bathroom decor. One or two may be all you need to make your bath a more pleasurable place as you use it each day.


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