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Refresh Bathroom Decor

Every room needs an occasional freshening up, and the bathroom is no different. Look at your bathroom now and then with a fresh eye. If you were seeing it for the first time what would be your assessment?

If your bathroom is seriously outdated, and needs new fixtures, updated wiring or plumbing then bathroom remodeling may be in order. If, on the other hand, most of the major elements are in good shape, then maybe it just needs to be freshened up with some new decor and a little elbow grease.

Looking through periodicals can be a good source for new bathroom decor ideas and trends. Sometimes finding just one new idea can be a springboard and open you up to a flow of ideas you might not have thought of yourself without a little outside help.

When we live in a space day in and day out, sometimes we get in a rut. We may feel in need of a whole new look in bathroom decor, but somehow we get locked in and find new ideas hard to come by. This is when a fresh outlook is needed to get the creative juices flowing. 

Reclaim a new look in your bathroom decor with a fresh outlook and some elbow grease

Start by doing an overall assessment of your bathroom. Are the fixtures in good shape and functional? Most bathroom fixtures offer a long life span if cared for properly. Maybe the bathtub/shower, toilet, and bathroom sink are all in good shape. But how about that vanity top?

Often the vanity top, which gets a lot of use, is the first thing to look shabby. If the cabinetry underneath is in good shape, maybe just removing the top and replacing it will make a major improvement in the look of your bathroom. the vanity is a major element in bathroom decor since it is often the only furniture piece in your bathroom, and a focal point.

Next look at the cabinetry. If all your cabinetry is basically in good condition, but looking a little lack lustre, then maybe it is time for a new finish. If you are on a tight budget, then elbow grease is the answer. Roll up your sleeves, give the surfaces a good sanding and prep, and a new coat of stain.

Stains come in many colors now, in addition to just wood tones. A fresh stain in a color will give your cabinetry a whole new lease on life. What about the handles and pulls? This may be a good time to update them as well. Cabinet hardware should also be considered a part of your decor. New handles and pulls can dramatically improve the look of your bathroom decor.

Refinishing your cabinetry including the vanity, adding new updated hardware knobs and pulls, and putting on a new vanity top can give your bathroom a whole new appearance. The more cabinetry you have in your bathroom, the more impact it will have. And this can be accomplished for a reasonably small amount of money if you do the refinishing yourself.

Just add a few new complimentary items of decor, and you will be amazed at how different your bathroom can look, and for a small money investment.


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