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Replacing a Bathtub

Why are you replacing a bathtub?


Bathtub with Whirlpool
Replacing a bathtub is a big job, and you should first consider why you want to replace the bathtub. Removing a bathtub is not an easy job, and you should first consider your reasons, and see if there are other options. If maintained well, a bathtub will give good service for many years.

If your existing bathtub is pink or aqua, I can see your point. In that case, reglazing might be an option. This is not inexpensive, but will eliminate the struggle of getting the bathtub out of it's existing space.
If the bathtub is white, and the bathtub surround is shabby, or the enclosure doors are in bad shape, you might be better served by installing a new surround and new shower doors. this can give a bathtub a stunning new appearance.

If you are installing a new surround, take this occasion to install an anti-scald device. This will give you the pleasure of even water temperature when someone flushes a toilet, or the washer begins filling. Instead of water flow suddenly becoming icy or scalding hot, the water temperature will maintain evenly.
This is a great time to install a new updated faucet system which will also enhance the appearance of your bath area.

Going Green tips

With the trend toward "going green", working with what you already have could be your contribution. Considering some or all of the going green tips above could save you money and put one less thing in the landfill.
On the other hand, if the bathtub itself is in a bad state, then replacement might be the only option.

Before replacing a bathtub:

  1. Shop and consider the options available.
  2. Consider what bathroom in your home this is, and who will be using the bathtub.

  3. Don't forget the possibility of future resale. You may have no desire to sell at this time, but life is full of change. Think about who would be the bulk of your market. For instance, if your home has three or four bedrooms, families with children would most likely be the bulk of your market. With that in mind, replacing a standard bathtub with a whirlpool in a main bath would probably not be a good idea. People with small children might be put off by this addition to a main bath.
  4. Review the value and benefits of different bathtub material and different styles before making a final decision.

  5. And lastly, decide how you will get the tub into it's final space. Take measurements and think where through your home the tub will have to travel to get there. Replacing a bathtub in a finished home as opposed to installing in new construction where these elements are added before walls are finished, are very different situations. You will need to find a solution before making a commitment.



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