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Selecting a Shower Head

There are rainshower or starburst showerheads that come as big as 16". You'll find streamlined units that come with from six to twelve jets in single and double heads. And you will also find low flow and aerating shower heads, for water conservation, as well as personal handheld showers.

Unless you already know what you want in a shower head, shopping for one can be a real adventure. There are so many options, I would really advise shopping online with a big cup of coffee or tea, until you narrow down to the two or three choices that offer the features you want.

Handheld or stationery?

And there are hand held versions also, which are gaining in popularity. A hand-held shower  offers the advantage of being appropriate for everyone in the family, and are especially useful for children and seniors. The other advantage to a hand held is that it can also be used when cleaning the shower.

 Hand Held Showerheads  Multi Spray Shower Heads  Rain Shower Heads  Grohe 28 383 ZB0 Rainshower Retro Shower Arm
Hand Held   Multi Spray RainShower Shower Arms 

There are high end custom units that mount on the ceiling. These can be as large as 32" and require a large bathroom, and are quite pricey. 

One consideration when making a selection, is the type of water in your area. If you have hard water choose a shower head that will be easier to keep free of deposits left by your water. Many are available with plastic or rubber on the nozzles for easier cleaning.

See what settings are offered, and the ease of use. Many shower heads have two or more adjustable settings that can give from a soft mist all the way to a vibrant pulsating massage. Check to see that it is easy to change these setting during your shower without a struggle.

Are the heads themselves adjustable? Check the specifications. Some shower heads, especially among the rain shower style cannot be repositioned.

There are a variety of finishes available. Check to see if it will tarnish, and how easy it will be in terms of upkeep. With such names as Moen, Kohler, Jado, Danze, Hansgrohe, Delta, Grohe and many more, it may be a bit of a job to narrow down your choices, but you have many options to choose from and will be able to find just the shower head you want.

One option that should be on your list is selecting a unit that offers a pressure-balance valve so that water temperature remains even when water is run elsewhere in the household when you are showering. This avoids either being subjected to a sudden chill of water or a scalding hot experience.


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