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Shower Curtain Themes Can Inspire a Bath Update


Branches Black shower Curtain

Sometimes when updating a bath it is hard to know where to start. This is where shower curtain themes can be of help. Selecting a curtain with a specific theme can be the beginning of a fresh new look. There are often co-ordinating items that will help carry the theme along, such as towels, rugs and countertop accessories.

Animal and Nature Themes

These feature domestic animals that we all love, farm animals, or animals from the wild. Dogs, horses, and African animals are among the most often selected.

There are also nature themes featuring flora and fauna which can provide a fresh calming atmosphere to a bath. If your interest runs to the outdoors one of these might be your choice.

Contemporary and Novelty Themes

These cover a wide range of topics. Some feature large pictorial prints of well-known faraway places, or an all-over print of familiar objects. Hobbies are a familiar feature in this category, from the commonplace hobby to sometimes the outrageous. And then there are some that are just striking and very sophisticated.


These are long-standing and have endured over time. They could be lacy, have an all-over embroidered motif or feature lace or embroidery only on the border or hem. Plaids, stripes, and checks come into play here also and can be subtle or colorful and lively.

In this category there is also the solid color curtain which might be the choice for someone who wants to develop their own individual theme, choosing one with a solid color to harmonize with their decor.

And of course, there is the floral curtain featuring favorite flower choices from the garden. Roses probably top the list of favorites.

Tropical and Water Themes

Beach and sea life is a cheerful subject, reminding us daily of vacation time. These are popular with young and old with their vibrant tones of water and all that swims or lives in the sea. this is a good choice for children who are beginning to emerge from the interests of early childhood.

Kid's Themes

Curtains that feature cartoon or movie characters that make a kid-friendly atmosphere. Funny frogs, ducks, farm animals, or favorite characters make a good choice for kids when you are trying to encourage hygiene.

Getting their toothbrush from a container embellished with a favorite character or approaching a bathtub framed with a shower curtain covered with a kid-friendly print may make this chapter of life much easier for all.

Holiday Shower Curtains Themes

And last but not least, there are holiday shower curtain themes. While you wouldn't want these for everyday, it is fun to decorate your bath during the holidays.

When the season is approaching and there is much social activity with family and friends, it is nice to extend the feeling of Christmas even into the bath.

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