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Shower Curtains and Bathroom Decor

Shower curtains are still found in many bathrooms despite the many designs in over tub shower doors. Adding these in a bathroom adds warmth and color, and can be the setting for your decor.

There are many types available, and in various materials as well.

Curtain Designs

With all the designs available, there is something to suit any taste or preference. For the nature lover, there are animal prints, plants and flowers.

Children are bound to like the very colorful themes, often with their favorite characters featured. 

But, if you want a more subtle theme, there are quiet colors in pastels, or vibrant colors also, and with many matching accessories.


Appealing to Children

There are a couple of advantages to using a shower curtain in a bath used by children. There are many themes geared to the taste of small children that will make the bath a much more friendly place to them

As a parent of a young child there are advantages too. If you have children still at an age where they need assistance in bathing, dealing with a shower curtain that can be pulled aside to give you full access is much easier than fighting with an immovable shower door that obscures half of the tub area.


Shower Curtain Rods and Hooks

Shower curtains can definately set the tone for your bathroom decor, whether you are decorating for the tastes of a child with Kid shower curtain themes and characters that they recognize and feel at home with, or whether you are gearing the decor to a whim or whimsey of your own.

Rods and hooks can also add much to the look. There are rods and hooks that lend a more subtle and sophisticated look, or you can find rods and especially hooks that are a matching accessory to the theme of your shower curtain. Have some fun or some fancy. There are shower curtains to please every taste.

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