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Shower Enclosures for the Modest Sized Bath

Many of the newer style shower enclosures can be an attractive addition in a more modest sized bath.
Glossy magazine spreads and globally televised home improvement shows would have everyone believe that we all live in large spacious homes with huge bathrooms, when the truth is most of us live in comfortable homes with modest sized bath spaces.
Although our bath may not be able to accommodate all we are confronted with in the media, it is still possible to create an attractive and functional space that will be enjoyed by all who live within our home.


Dreamline SHJC-1238386-01 Atlantica Jetted and Steam Shower

One addition for a more modest sized bath is one of the newer shower enclosures. The DreamLine SHJC-1238386-01 ATLANTICA Jetted and Steam Shower, is a good example. This shower unit though compact in design offers an attractive design to complement any bathroom.
Some of it's features include an adjustable hand shower, six adjustable body jets to soothe or invigorate you, depending on your needs, 4 position water control diverters, an integrated acrylic seat. It has an integrated thermostatic valve which will provide a constant pleasing temperature. This is a great feature in a busy household and will prevent hot and cold fluctuations when water is run elsewhere in the house.
Although this model is streamlined and will fit into most any sized bath, it's curved shape will be a great complement and provide some variance from all the angles that are common in a bath.

It is finished in white and chrome and you will find a full list of features here.

This is just one of many fine shower units that are on the market today, which will accommodate a modest sized bath, and still leave space to allow for the best flow and function.. Many of these have either curved or angled fronts and will fit flat against the wall or neatly into a corner depending on the model.
Many of these newer compact shapes in showers can be found, with a variety of features. Budget constraints and your personal wish list will dictate just what you decide is right for you. Finishes also vary, although on today's market silver and white are preferred over gold. Some feature a finish on glass doors that repels water and protects the glass for an ever clear appearance. This is a very desirable feature, although it is reflected in the final cost.
Some good comparison shopping will aid homeowners in finding just the right shower enclosure and other fixtures to furnish their bath in a style that is pleasing to the eye as well as being enjoyable to use.


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