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Shower Stall and Bathtub in Small Space 


Multi Piece Shower-Tub Surround

In many bathrooms, a shower/bathtub combination is a good choice because of the space savings. Sometimes there is just no other choice for the existing space.
Most homeowners today prefer to have the bathtub and shower as separate units if at all possible. When remodeling your bathroom consider if there is other space where you could expand to enlarge the floor space in your bath. This is sometimes possible by expanding into a closet area or into existing space in an adjoining room, if it does not rob the other existing room of needed space.

Rearranging Bathroom Space for Better functionality

Another option is rearranging the space in your existing bathroom. Many times in older bathrooms the layout was not very well planned, making it less functional. Use some graph paper to draw out your bathroom, and try rearranging the elements to see if another arrangement makes better use of the space.
Or, to make the process easier, use design software. This makes it easy to move bathroom fixtures around in the space and see which arrangement works best. You may find space you didn't know you had.
Take into account how bathroom fixtures and elements relate to one another. Sliding doors or a shower curtain many work better in a small bath rather than a shower door that swings out into the room and takes more space.

By using your new bathroom floorplan and shopping online, you can save time and shop from the comfort of your own home. Shower stalls come in several sizes from slim space saving models, wider versions and corner shower stalls. Check dimensions and see which works best for your space.
Check the dimensions of these units carefully. They not only have to fit into the space you have designated for them, but they have to travel through the house before getting there. Be sure that you can get the unit through the house and into it's final space. Measure hallways, doorways etc. through which the unit will have to be taken on it's way to your new bath.

Pre-fabricated Shower Units


Compact Kohler Shower Enclosure

The prefabricated shower units of today are offered in multiple pieces that have to be reassembled. These new multi-piece shower units are much better quality than those produced in the past and may be the solution for a bathroom remodel where the unit is going into an existing space. Thankfully many of these units offer most of the extras that may be found in one piece shower stalls.
With some careful planning, accurate measuring and getting it all down on paper you may be able to fit both a bathtub and a shower into even a fairly small space. Think your remodeling project through carefully. Consider how all elements relate to one another in the space. Simple things like which way a door swings, or where a towel bar is located can be important when you have it all put back together.



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