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Simplify With a Small Pedestal Sink


American Standard Pedestal Sink

Being in want of space does not have to equate to being in want of style and function. Retain the elegance and refinement of any size of washroom with a small pedestal sink. It will instantly add style to your bathroom without taking up half of the shower area space.

Typical sinks are mounted to the bathroom wall and have pipes coming out from it's underside. Pedestal sinks are usually smaller in size, and has a pedestal supporting it and concealing the pipes. This kind of sink style is popular for apartments, as well as homes which have smaller-sized bathrooms. See why, with the right choices,  it can be an appealing option for your bath.

Styles and Options

Most pedestal sinks come in the traditional bird-basin style. But recently, there has been an outburst of the most ingenious and fascinating pedestal sinks. Some are shaped like a large glass; some are made of nickel plated copper to look shiny and almost metallic. Some manufacturers play with the shape of the pedestal or the bowl itself.

A pedestal sink in itself, is a space-saver, but some types conserve space even further by being able to tuck perfectly into the corner of a bath. An ordinary sink takes up space by requiring long pipes or storage drawers below it. With a small stand alone sink, this problem will not take place.

Even if you don't have a tiny bathroom, this style of sink can still be your best choice instead of a full-fledged sink and vanity. It is easier to acquire and definitely easier to put up. Despite it's size, a small sink still functions properly with the hot and cold taps, among other things. Or, you can opt to place the pedestal in the guest room or a powder room. Your guests will enjoy attending to their grooming at an eye-catching sink, no matter what size it is. 

Availability and Prices

Small pedestals are definitely easy to find, whether you visit a home improvement center or go online. Shopping online gives you access to many more options in a short period of time, and is definitely easier on the feet. And, many online sources will offer free delivery.

Pedestal-style sinks can also be more affordable than full-size mounted or cabinet sinks. But even if it will be very practical, make sure that the sink you will pick still retains as many faithful characteristics as possible, like different taps, leak free pipes, and so on.

De-clutter your bathroom and make it more simple yet striking. Bring back comfort of using the bathroom in your home. Install a pedestal-style sink and see the difference it will make in the flow and ease of using your bathroom space, while lending a much more refined look. You just might become hooked, and find it hard to go back to preferring the standard sized sink.


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