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Small Bathroom Design-Maximize Where You Can

Small bathroom design calls for organized thought and planning in order to maximize each foot of space, and get most of your bath needs as well as providing some of your special personal wants in terms of extra amenities.

So where do you begin composing an improved small bathroom design?

 1. Determine who will be the main users of this bath, and how they use it on a daily basis. List each particular function such as showering, taking a bath etc. Review the age and gender of those who use this bath, and list any special grooming needs and storage requirements.

 2. Note how your existing small bath design falls short of meeting each of these needs, and determining their place in order of importance.

 3. Also make note of what in this bath is functioning well for your household and may only need minor decor changes or refurbishing.

 5. Begin to list what will be needed for materials: replacement plumbing fixtures, updated lighting, bathroom flooring, and don't forget additional amenities such as special shower heads, towel warmers or under-floor heating.

 6. Establish how extensive a bath renovation your budget and time will allow. Be honest about both the time and cost factor. Forfeiting the use of a bathroom can be inconvenient and tiresome, so realize that before you even begin.

 7 Set a bathroom renovation budget, and make it concise, including fixtures, materials, decor changes and labor. Many of the above items will need to be decided before you get very far into setting a real-life budget. Comparison shopping for needs must be done to get a reasonably close estimate of current cost.

Will you do the bathroom renovation yourself as a diy remodel? Or will you contract the whole project out once you have formed your plan? If you plan to accomplish the remodel on your own, consider any areas where you may lack the necessary skill, and factor in the labor cost. Once you have developed an estimate, add 10%-15% for unexpected circumstances which nearly always occur during a remodel.

Work out a visual design guide. This can be accomplished by hand with a ruler and graph paper and exact measurements. Or to make it easier and more fun, use design software. Either of these options allows you to see visually what will make best use of your small bathroom space.

Sometimes changing the placement of fixtures can add both visual space and also make a small bathroom function better. Keep in mind though, that moving plumbing fixtures will add to the cost factor.

Try moving your bathroom furnishing around on paper to see if there is enough advantage to warrant the cost and effort

Also consider smaller sized fixtures, or corner fixtures which can, in some baths make a remarkable difference in function. Fixtures such as corner pedestal sinks, corner bathtubs, or the rounded front shower enclosures are a few items to investigate.

Be sure to review bathroom lighting when updating. A small bathroom, in particular, can benefit greatly with really good lighting.

And don't forget how decor will play into your plan. Light neutral colors not only pay off in the future when you want to make minor decor changes, but will expand how large your small bath feels. Also keep it simple. Less fussy decor options will also be an aid in giving your small bathroom a larger feeling and appearance.


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