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Small Bathroom Ideas and Tips for Remodeling

Small bathroom ideas for a remodel seem to be in short supply. Although we would all like to have the large and opulent bathrooms featured in decorating magazines, the truth is, many homes have limited space in their bathroom.


Corner Pedestal Sink

Making the most of a small bathroom starts with some thought on small bathroom design. The homeowner is best qualified to determine what is needed in their bathroom, and what they want as extras. Even if you are going to contract the job out, you the homeowner should do some background work first so that you can best communicate to your contractor what you want. Otherwise the finished job may prove to be not what you desire.

Plan your small bathroom design

Know how much space you are working with. That means measure, and measure again to be sure you are correct. Write your measurements down. Using simple graph paper draw a rough sketch of your bathroom and note the measurements where applicable.
List what fixtures and amenities you most want in this space. Realize that unless you can expand into other space, you may not be able to have everything you want. Some concessions may have to be made. But with careful planning, you may come close.
Also make a list of the major drawbacks in your current bathroom, and how it fails to function well. This will give you some idea of what you need to overcome in your small bathroom design.
Consider re-positioning items to make better use of space, and to make your space more functional. This could elevate the cost, if plumbing needs to move, but it may be worth it if your bathroom is more functional and pleasant as a result.

Replacing a bathtub with a more streamlined shower may free up some space. This could be an option, especially if you have another bathroom equipped with a bathtub. A new shower equipped with massage jets could take the sting out of losing this bathtub.
Smaller scale fixtures are now being made available from manufacturers who produce these smaller models with a view to small bathroom design.
Corner bathtubs, pedestal sinks and even vanities are another option that may or may not work in your space, but is worth consideration.
While working on your design and in the planning stage consider how one element affects another in terms of function. For instance think about where the entry door swings when it is opened. Also think about cabinet doors, and a swinging shower door. In a small bathroom, a sliding shower door is a better option.

More small bathroom ideas

  • Use your medicine cabinet to best advantage. While you are remodeling, install one of the new deep models that are large enough to house blow dryers and other grooming appliances. This will free up other storage areas, and help to keep your small space tidy.
  • Think about bathroom lighting either natural or artificial. Lighting can make a small space seem larger. Adding a skylight can do wonders for a small space. There are tubular skylights that can be installed even if your bath is not located under the roof.
  • If you are planning to tile the bathroom floor, consider using larger tiles. This will actually expand your space visually.
  • Lighter color choices for surfacing, flooring and walls is recommended in a small bathroom to also make it feel more spacious.
  • Keep as many of your bathroom supplies and grooming aids out of sight as possible. Clutter is a major enemy in any small space, and a bathroom is no exception.

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