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The many Faces of tile floors

Tile is a good choice for any room of a home because it is long lasting and easy to clean.

Tile floors can present many looks depending on your choice of decor and your particular living style.

If you favor a clean comtenporary style, large tiles in blue, blue green, charcoal, or even black may be suitable. When you pair these colorations with a grout that is closely matched, very narrow and clean grout lines you will have a floor that exhibits a clean and even flow.

These color combinations will also allow for many changes in decor over the years since they are fairly nuetral.

For those who prefer a more homey appearance, smaller tiles with contrasting grout, and wider grout lines that are less exacting may be more pleasing. Earth tones in gold, browns, and terra cotta may serve your needs better and lend a warm and inviting cottage look.

This can be an easy choice for those doing tile on a first time do-it-yourself basis because it will be more forgiving of your mistakes. They will appear to be an intentional part of the overall plan.

More exacting tile applications

For those who wish to take the time and effort to make exacting plans, tile floors can also be installed with contrasting or patterned borders.

Another approach is to cover the main area with matching tile, and plan certain areas differently.

For example: An area in front of a doorway or perhaps a vanity could be planned to be a certain size and then be bordered, giving it a seperate rug-like appearance.

Direction of tile

Tile does not alway have to be laid out in a square fashion. It can also be placed on the diagonal. This can stretch a small room, making it appear larger than it really is. 

Different size tiles can also be mixed on the same surface giving it a random look. All of these later suggestions do require that you plan carefully, and take more care in estimating the amount of tile material needed.

Before you begin a tiling project, get accurate instructions, tools and materials needed, and plan to have the area being tiled out of service for a few days to allow each step in the process the time it needs.


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