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Today's Low Maintenance Bathroom Faucets

What is more annoying than a dripping bath faucet? Not to mention what a dripping faucet can do to your water bill.

The bathroom faucet of today is far better than a few years ago, and needs little maintenance.

Compression faucets were the standby for many years. If you haven't bought a new bath

Belle Foret widespread Bath Faucet

faucet in some time you may have a compression faucet yourself. These faucets have two handles for controlling water flow and shut off as well as temperature. Inside the handles there is an assembly that has a washer on the end of a screw, and when the handle of the faucet is tightened, pressure is created on the washer over an opening, and that shuts off the flow of water. This type of faucet is noted for dripping and leaks and will need maintenance periodically.

The next type of bath faucet is the ball type which is common for both kitchen faucets and also bath faucets. These faucets have a single handle that controls both the temperature of the water as well as the flow. This type is complicated, and very prone to leak.

With recent advances, cartridge faucets are now available. This is the best choice in a bathroom faucet if you prefer separate handles for contoling hot and cold water, and want to be almost maintenance free.

Cartridge faucets don't need the additional pressure to cut off the flow of water. Instead, there is a movable stem cartridge that controls water flow. These are more maintenance free than the old style compression faucets, and faucet cartridges are available when they need replacing which is easy to do. These are available in single handle faucets if you prefer.

The newest type of faucet is the disc faucet. These faucets have just one lever that controls both water flow and temperature, are higher quality faucets, and seldom need repair.

If you want more control, and prefer a two handle bath faucet the a cartridge faucet is your best choice. Disc faucets are almost maintenance free, but only available in single handle versions.

When selecting a new bathroom faucet there other things to consider such as style and finish. There are wall mount faucets, vessel sink faucets, and the goose neck faucet. Shop around and find the finish and style you prefer, but keep the mechanics of the faucet in mind as well so that you are faced with little future maintenance.


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