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Your bathroom toilet may or may not need replacing during a bath remodel. Toilets are very durable, and usually inexpensive to repair.

If you are replacing a bathroom floor, then of course, the toilet will need to be taken up. If you are planning on keeping the existing unit, then just be sure to get a new wax ring and make sure you get a good seal.

If your new floor is stone, you may need some extra cushioning underneath to avoid rocking or movement of the toilet and breaking the new seal. Consult with your building supplier.  

Do consider, that since this is a remodel it may be time to replace this bathroom toilet. Most older toilets require more water for flushing. In a household with several people that is a lot of flushes, and a lot of water...

Kohler Toilets   Toto Toilets  Toilets
 Kohler Toto Toilets


A water saving toilet may pay for itself rather quickly

The performance of the newer low flush toilets vary, and before making a decision on a model, you may want to go to this bathroom toilet review website and read the reviews for a comparison on how well different models and brands of toilets actually perform. This review site is very helpful because it features comments by homeowners actually using these toilets

Besides low flush there are also dual flush toilets. There seems to be a wide diversity in how well these new water saving toilets work. Toto, Kohler and American Standard toilets seem to be among those homeowners are most impressed with.

Selecting a new toilet for your bath should not be a mind racking project. The styling is either pretty basic or more contemporary looking models that don't have tanks. You will probably decide on a contemporary look or a vintage look in your bathroom, so this should be easy.

Color is pretty basic. White has been around for a long time and will continue to be the standard. There are of course some color choices. If your other fixtures are going to be a color, then you may want your toilet to match. Color will elevate the price.

One feature I favor in a bathroom toilet is a sleek base without crevices. Bathrooms need to be kept clean, I see no need to make cleaning a toilet difficult.



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