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Unique Design Elements in Toilets

There are toilets in every modern home, but those that feature unique design elements in toilets are few. You may not even know that some such toilets exist since they are definitely not what you see in most big box stores.

Toilet shape or Color

Those that are uncommon, but less unusual are corner toilets and black toilets. These work well in bathroom settings where the space requirements dictate, or where bathroom fixtures are all in a modern black finish for a very contemporary look.

Specific Types of Commodes

Then there are high tank toilets that are more prominently featured in a Victorian bath. This toilet has a detached water tank or water closet that is place high on the wall, and the bowl sits by itself far below, and often has an oak seat. Sometimes the tank is even oak that is lined. The tank is operated with a pull chain.

Painted and Patterned

There are also toilets that have patterned motifs painted on part or all of the toilet. Flowers either in dainty English garden motifs are a frequent pattern. Others are more vibrant patterns with bright and larger flowers. Basins and pedestal sinks are available to further carry the theme.

Painted and Patterned Toilets

Hobbies and wildlife are other unusual design elements in toilets that may be found. For an avid golfer there is a pattern with a panoramic golf scene. The colors are muted so it isn't the busiest of patterns. A matching vanity bowl is also available.
Pheasants are among wildlife that are displayed in these themes, and are also muted colors which play down the business of the motif.
Another special toilet concept is a tone on tone band with a pattern such as the one piece Saree toilet by Kohler which also has a basin that complements the design. Or sometimes just a colored band as a simple pattern. These are very sophisticated, and some of these have other coordinating bath fixtures.
These unique design elements in toilets are not for everyone, but they are interesting, and depending on the size of a bath, the overall motif of a bath, and one's budget, they are an option.


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