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Vanities and Sinks

Bathroom vanities and sinks have traditionally been mostly a functional cabinet with sinks either installed into the vanity as a drop in, or more recently molded into the top as a one piece unit.

The traditional bathroom vanity is a good choice for most households, and especially in a bathroom that may be used by the whole household as well as guests. 

The value of a traditional vanity from a usage standpoint is surface space. Surface space is very convenient during grooming. You have a place to set your toiletries while applying makeup, doing your hair, or shaving. And a vanity also offers some extra storage space for toiletries, towels etc. inside.

Traditional vanities are easier to clean as well. A large part of the surrounding surface is flat, and the sink has a smooth gradual contour. One piece units, where the sink is molded into the vanity top are even easier to keep up on a routine basis, as there is no grouting or band joining the sink to the vanity to deal with.

Vanities can be in a more functional form which is more appropriately called a vanity cabinet. This, over the years has been pretty traditional. A bathroom would have a vanity cabinet and perhaps other storage cabinets to match if space allowed.

More recent bathroom vanities and sink options

One of the more recent options in vanities is the addition in many bathrooms of bathroom vanity furniture that has been made into a vanity by adding a bathroom sink. Antique dressers are a good example. These can be a wonderful addition to a bath especially if it also has a clawfoot tub. This combination gives a real vintage look.

Other options are vessel sinks or above counter sinks, pedestal sinks and wall mounted sinks. All options need to be considered before you make a decision so that all the elements can be coordinated.

Many of these sinks don't require vanities in the traditional sense since there are other support systems or in the case of a pedestal sink it is self supporting without the vanity. These options add a very special look to a bathroom, but at the same time sacrifice storage and surface space.

In contrast to traditional vanities, there are free standing units in a variety of styles from contemporary to a more Tuscan style to support vessel sinks.

With all the options now available in bathroom vanities and sinks it is a good idea to do some shopping around before you make a final decision so you can pull all the elements together.


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