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Vessel Sinks-The Pros and Cons

These sinks offer many options, but they also offer both pros and cons.

Pros of This Style of sink 


Glass Vessel Sinks

In their favor, this style of sink will bring your bath up do date. These sinks are not a totally new idea, but rather a modern twist on the pitcher and basins that were common in homes of not so long ago, before plumbing moved inside the home.
A bath was a luxury in those times, and the pitcher and basin were a way to do some minimul washing up between those times when a washtub or copper boiler were brought out and water was laboriously heated and added in order for total immersion and a full cleanup.

An above counter sink offers many options in style, color and shape that cannot be found in the traditional bathroom basin.
If you are replacing a worn countertop in your bath, this might be the opportune time to add a glass vessel sink, or one in many other materials that are available, such as stone, copper, stainless steel, or even wood.
And the many shapes are also diverse. Above counter sinks are available in all the geometric shapes such as a rectangular vessel sink, a square vessel sink and even triangular, round and oblong. Then there are artistic styles that defy description.
They are available in every color imaginable to suit your personal preference and decor.

Cons of a vessel sink

While they are very stylish, however, there are a couple of downsides as well.
One is the fact that vessel sinks sit atop the counter, so a new countertop is needed. Unless you are willing to replace your existing countertop, this may not be the choice you want to make.
The second thing to consider is that more of the sink is exposed and that means there is more to clean on a routine basis.
It is also good to check the sink depth. A too shallow sink may result in a lot of splashing.
A vessel sink will also require a vessel faucet with a longer neck, so not just any faucet may be paired with this type of sink.
And lastly, consider who will be using this sink. The additional height may be a problem if this bath is used by young children who have a limited reach.
Vessel sinks do make a statement, and can make your bath very stylish with all the choices in color, material, shape and style, but consider all the pros and cons we have pointed out before making a selection.


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